Letter writing is The Only Symbol That Unites Solitude and Good Company

“More than kisses, letters mingle souls.” ~ John Donne

My maternal grandmother and myself knew each other ONLY through our letters. My parents divorced when I was very young, I met my grandmother just once, but I had her always in my life through her letters.

When I finally met my father’s side of the family when I was 40 years old, right after my grandmother’s death. My cousins and I sat around sharing stories about my grandmother, I loved hearing about what she did when the grandkids visited with her, because I daydreamed about that all the time. Apparently, I missed out on the best cinnamon buns around!

But, I realized my cousins missed out on my grandmothers true feelings about what she wanted for disabled brother that had lived with her and my grandfather his whole life, what career she really wanted for herself and so many other stories she shared with me through her letters.

So, I’m thinking I really didn’t miss out on anything with my grandmother, except for not physically being with her. It always makes my heart happy to know she always kept me close to her through her letters and I reciprocated the love and honesty with my letters to her.

Write someone a letter today . . . Happy Handwriting Day!

“To send a letter is a good way to go somewhere, without moving anything but your heart.” ~ Phyllis Grissim-Theroux

Peace ♥ Harmony

Cheryl XO

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