We Will Be Thankful . . . In-person or Online

It will be a different Thanksgiving this year.
We can still make it festive with design and food!
Make a certain room the “Zoom Room” to gather with family and friends while on zoom and keeping a #socialdistance while having fun.
We can still share stories and laughs.
Along with cozy thoughts and memories of family and friends who are with us or those who are no longer.

It will be a different this Holiday Season, but let’s not forget there is always room for gratefulness.

Peace ♥ Harmony

Cheryl XO

Are You Running Into Each Other . . . at Home?

As a former teacher . . . 

One side of me is giggling a little!  as I hear the stories from parents about how they are struggling to get their children to sit long enough,

It’s not been easy for parents the last 6 months, especially since I never had to make sure my students cleaned their rooms, pick up their belongings off from the stairs, do something with the pile of papers from school . . . my job was to just send the papers home.

One of the things I thought about a great deal as a teacher, is “how do children learn best?” 

Visual, Auditory, Read/Write, Kinesthetic? 

Once you can solve that problem, everything else will fall into place. Having a space that gives your energy and helps keep you focused while it opens up your creativity is what we strive,

Finding that space for all within the household we will make a happier life at home.

Once. a redesign plan is created for the learning area we will create a redesign plan for your remote office space. I have always loved the idea of a “Home Office” the greatest advantage is that it can be more like home than an office.

No Dress Code, No Piped-In Air, No Prowling Supervisors, No Time-Wasting Meetings

Whenever you’re ready to start sharing the home with purpose and peace of mind!

Let’s Chat – call, text, email (860)961-6824 / envisionsdesigns@gmail.com

Peace Harmony & Stay Safe

XO Cheryl

I’d Rather Hang Out With Animals

I used music to train my Catahoula “Duke” to settle down when he was a puppy and when he got older, we had a 1 year cat at the time also – so I would announce that “Momma is putting on the nappy music”. They both would wander into the office and lay down to nap. It worked!

Our animals can sense that we are feeling anxious or over-whelmed, they will have difficulty too if they know they can’t make us happy. Please take care of the animals too is this crazy time we are going through.

Peace Harmony & Love

Cheryl XO

Are You Sharing A Space?

Different Strokes for Different Folk!

“Now, the world don’t move to the beat of just one drum,

What might be right for you, may not be right for some.” ♪ ♫ ♪

We all work in different ways and there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to shared workspace designs. 

This is probably the reason why so many of the modern offices are moving away from the old and repetitive cubicle style. 

Twin workspaces doesn’t mean creating two desks with laptops and identical table lamps. While one might prefer to work at a desk, the other could be more comfortable with a relaxed chair. 

Remember that form always precedes function and creating a comfortable work environment is always the priority.

If you need help with where to start, contact Lifestyle by Design we can create a mood board that includes everyone that will function within the space.

Peace Harmony & Love

Cheryl XO

Who Remembers Home Economics?

I am working on the part of my business I call “Purpose-Driven Journey”. I have been working on creating curriculum for teaching Life-Skills to people of the ages of Cradle-to-Treasure. I want to specialize with individuals that live their lives under the umbrella of Asperger’s and Autism.

So, in my research in the last few months, I kept getting directed to these vintage home economics films. Some of them I had a hard time witnessing the sexism, Some examples; it talks to the girls about how they should obey their husbands when the men come home tired and hungry. A couple of them spoke about the kitchen duties are usually the women’s household chore. . . . Chore?!?

My curriculum is non-gender specific

The video I posted today – tell me if you don’t recognize that narrator voice!?! And, seriously some of them, I caught myself snoozing at my own desk a few weeks ago. Most of these films needed some “Jazzing-up” but that was back in the days when school was to be serious . . . Not Fun!

My curriculum is fun ~ lots of music, audio and visual learning

Being a former teacher in a public school, there is a real need to bring back Home Economics or at least teach life-skill lessons as part of the curriculum. As a professional organizer and coach I have found myself teaching women that are were on national news media globally how to use their washer and dryer, holding Washer 101 mini classes in their laundry rooms . . . I’m not kidding!

About, ten years into my organizing and cleaning business I was having more of those mini classes with my clients. My mother taught me how to do the laundry when I could reach the knobs – she held class in front of the machines about fabric color separation, WHEN to use bleach, when NOT to use bleach, best time to add the fabric softener and so on. It’s the life lessons she taught us that helped manage the home when she was at work or during our many military-moves across country.

It’s a lifestyle that can be achieved when you have the right lessons and planning.

Peace Harmony & Love

Cheryl XO