40 Years Today . . .

Bruce Springsteen ’s “Streets of Philadelphia” was made purposely for the movie “ Philadelphia ” which came out in 1993. The song speaks mainly about pain and abandonment. And this is apparently because the movie it was made for centers on an abandoned homosexual lawyer who dies from AIDS.

Director Jonathan Demme used this to open his movie Philadelphia, starring Tom Hanks as a lawyer dying of AIDS. Demme asked Springsteen for a rock song to open his movie. Bruce started writing it based on lyrics he had previously written about the death of one of his friends, but it did not work over a rock beat. Springsteen sent what he came up with to Demme, considering it an unfinished demo. Demme loved it and felt it was perfect for his movie just as it was.

Springsteen recorded this in his home studio in New Jersey, where he did the entire Nebraska album.

Demme wanted people not familiar with AIDS issues to see his film. He felt Springsteen and Young would bring an audience that would not ordinarily see a movie about a gay man dying of AIDS. The movie and the song did a great deal to increase AIDS awareness and take some of the stigma off the disease.

Tom Hanks added: “If you ever want to have a great moment in a motion picture, walk out a door and make sure they just put up a Bruce Springsteen song.” (Source: SongFacts)

Happy Memorial Day

Arlington National Cemetary Washington DC

Every headstone in cemeteries across our nation and around the globe tells a story.

When I walk through cemetaries and come upon a veteran, soldier, military serviceperson’s tomb stone I pause and read the names aloud, it’s my way of ensuring I never forget the ultimate sacrifice these patriots gave in defense of freedom. While I’m standing or sitting by these tombstones I have this voracity to know their story. Please, if you have a veteran living . . . ask them “what’s your story?”, it will keep you connected and its a sense of honor to listen.

Happy Memorial Day To All Those That Served and Gave Their Lives For Our Freedoms

Peace ♥ Harmony

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The Big Move

Please use the checklists below to help you with your big moving day.

You want to have the house as clean and tidy as possible when selling your home. Prospective home buyers want to get a feeling for what the house will be like with them living in it.

A real estate sales agent can help advise you on the areas you need to focus on for selling purposes. But, a professional cleaning company knows what needs to be cleaned and how to clean the areas without any damage.

Living in a house for so long presents problems of clearing away areas. Depending on your plans, consider an estate sale with a professional estate sale company to sell furniture or belongings you decide you do not want.

You can also hold yard and garage sales of your own. You can do this during the selling process or even after the sale of the home, but plan ahead of time so you can have everything done by closing.

Congratulations on joining the mortgage club!

Peace ♥ Harmony

Cheryl XO