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Vision Journaling …

Inspiration is Everywhere

Vision Journaling?

Journaling has always been a form of Meditation for me. It plays a huge part in my creative activities. I have tried many types of journaling over the years including Life/Dream journaling, Achievement Map, Daily journal notes, Gratitude journaling and many more but none has helped me as much as my Vision Boards & Journals.

What is a Vision Journal? 

The way to look at a Vision Journal is, a journal you create in order to clarify your Vision for your passions, projects, life, business and/or brand. It helps you keep on track with your goals so you can break them down into ‘bite size’ action steps. “A visual map you create to design your best possible future.”

How Can a Vision Journal Help You?

Holds you accountable to your bigger dreams – once you have wrote something down the words and creative process flows through your soul, stay on the page as well as your mind, it keeps you accountable to completing each ‘bite size’ step toward your goal, as you look and meditate on your Vision journal each and every day.

Through my Hands ~ To my Heart ~ Stays in my Soul

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  • Next time – My story of when I was introduced to Vision Boards



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Finding The Right Place


A Writing Hut … A Favorite chair … An Outside Spot …

I found that finding my own spaces to write helps keep me focused on writing every day. It does not matter what your space looks like to other people as long as it is a place you find clarity, creativity, your sacred space all cocoon inside a cozy retreat – that retreat space could be an extra bedroom – extra space within a room – or a corner of the living room.

I am currently collecting inspiration objects: quotes, sayings, pictures to use for the visualization process to help me on my journey of book writing. I have been reading books about writing books – collecting great tips and inspirational quotes and saying from people that have started on the same path I am currently traveling!

So far this week, I have only missed one day of writing – I found that it helped when I sat my ass down to write, the story was more vivid, more imagery, more details – sometimes taking a step back is a giant leap forward.

Next week, I will post the tips and techniques of book writing that I have collected so far – please stay tuned to my blog for an upcoming Workshop: CREATING A COZY WRITING RETREAT Finding ways to keep your creativity growing through your environment … Until next time!

Peace & Harmony … Keep Writing, Cheryl


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What’s Your Winter Project?


What is your Winter Project or Projects?

I have a couple – I am finding that I need to stay focused on one project at a time if I want to see the finished results. Being an Organizational Coach, I felt I had an advantage over managing two projects at the same time ….. No, no advantage!

What I noticed was that THE WORK still needs to be done in order to have a finished product. Trying to find balance between my work schedule and my project(s) management calendars was a part-time job in itself – my observation, THE WORK was still not getting done!

Now I have a Master Plan for Project 1 

  • Project 1: Finishing my Book Outline & Draft
  • Project Due Date: June 15, 2017
  • Interim Goal: 200 Pages in 4 Months
  • Draft Deadline: May 6, 2017
  • Week 1 Begins: February 5, 2017

Now, that I have deadlines the fact that I could have my book written by the end of June, makes the project a reality instead of something that is just written down on a piece of paper or in my case several pieces of paper. Having a plan makes the difference between a dream and reality. This book has been a dream of mine for the past 20 years, and for the first time in twenty years I can visualize this story inside of me finally getting out.

I will be keeping you posted on my process of getting the Book Draft finished on time. I will post my struggles, tips, inspirations and revelations as I go through the process of getting my story out on paper.

Plan you Project – Once you have it planned out – Please Share – We can keep each other accountable and on schedule …

What is your Winter Project?