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If you’re the kind of person that is DISORGANIZED and OVERWHELMED where complete CHAOS and DISCOMFORT rule your lifestyle?
I believe I have the Expertise and Passion for helping you create that Simplify Lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of . . . 
Growing up military, I moved seven times before high school. I learned to “nest” wherever our family deployed. I had a passion and gift for creating and defining unique spaces from the time I could advocate my opinion about my room design. This has served me well throughout my career – to create unique and vibrant living spaces one customized  ‘nest’ at a time.
Organizing is more than “stuffing your stuff” into pretty containers and slapping labels everywhere! Organizing is about making intentional-decision. 
The Who, what, where, and how coaching questions help you navigate the pathway during your organizational journey… together, we will create goals that are simple, realistic, and reachable, ones you will finally be successful with, I promise you will be living an organized lifestyle, and not just while guests are visiting!
  • Do you feel like you’re the only one living an unorganized lifestyle?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed and Overburdened by all the piles of stuff in your home or office?
  • Do you feel you have too many tasks to complete and things to do?
  • Do you feel your life is chaotic and out of control?
As a Professional Organizer that specializes in Chronic Disorganization, and hoarding, I have worked with all populations helping them remove clutter, chaos, and discomfort from their daily lifestyle.
I work with families, parents, stay-at-home parents, homeowners, realtors, small business owners, creative entrepreneurs, and anyone else wanting to reclaim their time, money, energy, and 𝓢𝓹𝓪𝓬𝓮!
 Ways to contact us!
Call/Text 860.961.6824 or you can email
for your 30-minute consultation to book your first session.
Lifestyle by Design – We Design Space! ~ Cheryl Camacho

We Design Space!


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