We create soft places to land in your home – a refuge from the stresses of the day!

The soft places to land that you create should inspire within you the feeling of, ‘I can breathe here, I can relax here, I know I am safe and comfortable here.‘ When you return to your sanctuary (home) after braving the harsh, trying world, you will feel a subtle yet tranquil shift occur inside of you as you settle into the most personal of retreats where you are recharged once again…this is what ‘Home’ should feel like.

We believe Peace of Mind! Should be accessible to everyone.

Whether you live in a tiny studio apartment or a huge mansion, you deserve a sanctuary – to feel that soft landing! it’s by getting organized physically and mentally and we can help you with just that we have customized programs for decluttering, organizing, and redesigning your home – We will get you to that oasis!

Make yourself at home here – look around – if you’re not seeing what you’re looking for I know I can help you find itΒ  . . . let’s chat!

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Functional Design is our business!


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We Simplify Your Lifestyle ~ Cheryl Camacho
Growing up military, I moved seven times before high school. I learned to β€œnest” wherever our family deployed. I had a passion and gift for creating and defining unique spaces from the time I could advocate my own opinion about my own room design. This has served me well throughout my career – to create unique and vibrant living spaces one personalizedΒ  β€˜nest’ at a time.
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