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Welcome to CC Home Concierge Company ~ CCHC for short!

I’m so glad you found me!

I want you to tell you something . . . it’s absolutely normal to feel overwhelmed, have no clarity, feel like you’re doing so much but getting nowhere. I’m here to help you find gracefulness and clarity in your life!


I’m assuming you need help getting started or you have started and stopped many times or you just plain don’t know where to begin in order to get organized in your life.

Allow me to bring clarity to your home or business. I can help make decisions about the clutter in your life that is preventing you from that stress-free, serenity lifestyle you so desire. You are going to have trying times in your life, but if you have an organized, functional and efficient system in place a bump in the road will not turn into a disaster.

I can help by providing you with all the concierge services you will need:

Organize – Clean – Errands and Tasks – Small business services – Much More

Book a 3 Hour Session ~ you’ll be amazed at how much transformation takes place in a short amount of time!

I serve the beautiful Southeastern Region of Connecticut and parts of RI


Bio Pic July 2018

Quotes from happy clients:

I feel your motivation when you drive up the driveway”(B.R.), “You help me find calmness in my chaos”(K.G.), “I am happy with the systems we created together – I am proud of myself because of your coaching”(C.V.), “you provide me scent-therapy every time I walk in the door when you have cleaned”(C.R.).

Summer / 2018 – “You made us look professional” ~Small office in Mystic CT (A.D.)

"It’s a lack of clarity that creates chaos and frustration. Those emotions are poison to any living goal."~ Steve Maraboli    











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