About Our New Vision

Some Exciting News: A new direction has begun at Lifestyle by Design. 

We Design Professional Lifestyles with our Commercial clean + organize services

The business environment that you land in when the pandemic comes to an end – will be a much different place from when it began.

Businesses across the world are now being forced to ask tough questions.

  1. What should our business look like?
  2. What value should it deliver in this new normal?
  3. How do I adapt?

At Lifestyle by Design, we answered those questions with the decision to modify our business. Our focus is on Small Business Owners to provide Clean + Organize Services. Our purpose-driven passion at LBD (Lifestyle by Design) is to help Small Businesses come out of the covid-ashes with a healthy & clean business that will thrive while giving Peace of Mind! to employees and customers.

Small businesses will help bring back our country’s economy, our team at Lifestyle by Design want to use our skills to be part of the rebirth in that sector.

Office Cleaning Checklist

  • Clean and sanitize desks and tables
  • Clean and sanitize kitchenette and bathrooms
  • Clean glass tables and mirrors
  • Dust shelves, windowsills and blinds
  • Sweep, vacuum and mop hard floors
  • Vacuum carpets
  • Vacuum furniture
  • Empty and re-line trash cans
  • Restock paper and supplies
  • Organizational Services

Daycare & Preschool Cleaning Checklist

  • Restrooms
  • Trash
  • High traffic floor areas
  • All toys
  • Storage boxes & containers
  • Desktops & chairs
  • Shelving throughout classroom
  • Organizational Services
  • Not a detail is overlooked!

Boutique & Studio Cleaning Checklist

  • Full-Service Cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Floor Maintenance
  • Tile and Grout Cleaning
  • High & Low dusting
  • Window Washing and Steam Washing
  • Common Area cleaning
  • Organizational & Visual Services
  • Special Event Cleaning Staff – Set-up, refresh during event, tear-down

~ Spring Time Small Business Packages~

We can also customize any package to fit your needs and budget. These packages work great for small offices, education centers, salons, boutiques, studios. We have kept it simple – three plans to choose from depending on your business needs. (Purchase any package before June 22, 2021 for $20-$40 discount)

Let’s Get Started~ working with 1 Clean + Organize team member

  • Customize the package to your needs and budget
  • Clean + Organize space
  • Purging, Sort and Containerize items
  • Finish with finding a purpose to space
  • This package is good for home sellers/buyers, realtors, property managers, business owners

Simplify! The Project ~ working with a team of 2 Cleaners + Organizers

  • Customize the package to your needs and budget
  • Clean + Organize
  • Purge, Sort and Containerize items
  • Drop off – donations, consignments, library, etc
  • Finding a purpose for each space, this package works well with multiple spaces and a short-time frame
  • This package is good for realtors, property managers, business owners, home buyers/sellers

Refresh! Method ~ working with a team of 2 to 6 Cleaner + Organizer

  • 2 days of decluttering – (depends on the scope of job)
  • Clean + Organize 
  • Purging, Sorting and containerize items
  • 3rd day – the team comes into detail clean, vac, mop, dust, windows
  • Finally ending with Redesign of space to have purpose, comfort and style within the environment
  • Lastly, we customize this package to fit your business needs and budget
Process & Prices

Our process for Organizing Sessions: NO LESS THAN 3 HOURS / NO MORE THAN 6 HOURS

I have found over the last 25 years clients can handle anywhere from 3 to 6 hours any less or any more is a waste of client’s time, energy and money.

Cleaning Fees:

We charge a flat rate ~ Simple for everyone ~ We track our hours

Small business cleaning

~ $.20 – $.35/per square foot (depending on scope of job)

Small business organizing (depending on scope of job)

$50 hour x 3 hours = $150

$50 hour x 4 hours = $200

$50 hour x 5 hours = $250

$50 hour x 6 hours = $300

We are budget friendly!

We can customize a budget for your business

Success! You're on the list.

Contact Cheryl @ (860)961.6824 or envisionsdesigns@gmail.com

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