Lifestyle by design

Lifestyle Manager & Professional Organizer

We make life easier

Lifestyle managers provide personalized concierge services that make your day more efficient by increasing the amount of personal time you hove so you can reconnect with the people, passions and activities you love most.

A Lifestyle manager handles:

  1. Daily Planning
  2. Appointment scheduling
  3. Travel planning & packing
  4. Event Planning & Prepping
  5. Home & office organization
  6. Routine auto cleaning & detailing
  7. Auto remote office set-up
  8. Dry cleaning drop off & pick up
  9. Housecleaning standard & deep clean
  10. Grocery planning & shopping
  11. Meal plan & prep (weekly, monthly)
  12. Personal shopper
  13. New parent Helper & Organizer
  14. Post surgical support
  15. Wellness aide: transportation to & from appointments

In addition, Lifestyle managers will partner with our creative team to give you access to our Interior Redesign Unit for your home or office remodels, room styling, and image consultation needs.

Your Lifestyle manager will get started right away on the tasks you assign and will observe your schedule, habits, and life-style. At key times your manager will present time-saving opportunities that can be interweave into your day to ease burdens she has observed.

If you are interested in learning more about how our dynamic Lifestyle Manager services can work for you, please check out below and let’s chat.

The Process

  1. Contact Cheryl at Lifestyle by Design – To setup your 30-45 minute consultation to start planning your lifestyle where we will create a life  with Purpose – Clarity – Comfort.
  1. During consultation we will setup the first 3-hour session – you will be amazed at what can be done in three hours when working with purpose and focus.
  1. Your Lifestyle manager will arrive on-time, with name & photo badge and ready to tackle the tasks and projects that are of immediate obstacle to the lifestyle you are looking for.

Success! You’re on the list.

The Fees

Contact Cheryl @ (860)961.6824 or envisionsdesigns@gmail.com

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