Your Space Matters to Us

My Passion is to Create “Functional, Purposeful, Simple” Spaces

We have customized packages to fit your needs and budget.

The packages created work great for small offices, homes on the market, education centers, salons, boutiques, and studios…Any small business.

Phone Consultation:

The first step is to schedule a free phone consultation so that we can discuss how we can improve your space and what your specific goals are. We will discuss your priorities and evaluate the scope of your project.

In-Space Assessment:

Once spoken about the goals for your clean+organize+redesign journey, At this period, we will take a tour of the space, take measurements and photos, and develop a plan. We will then schedule your first working session.

Working Session:

During our first session, we will purge, sort, and categorize your belongings. In most instances, you need to be a part of this step so that you have a say in what is kept, donate and throw away. Then, you can sit back and relax while our team creates a magically cleans+organize+redesign the space for you to enjoy.

Enjoy and Maintain:

Now that your space has been transformed, Enjoy it! Everything has a home, you can find what you need without searching everywhere, and your space is relaxing. If you need help maintaining your space, our team is happy to schedule a follow-up mini-session to refresh things a bit.

Process & Prices

1:1 Organization Coaching Sessions: NO LESS THAN 3 HOURS / NO MORE THAN 6 HOURS

Depending on the scope of the job it’s working 1:1 with me or a two-person show.  When you book us, you will work with us and just us from beginning to end. Depending on the project, we have our own hires with credentials. You will not be assigned a subcontractor.  If you are in need of a service that we do not offer – we can recommend local businesses. 


We charge a flat rate ~ Simple for everyone ~ we keep track of hours at every session

Clean+Organize+Redesign Sessions:

$120 Per Hour | 2 Lifestyle Organizers

$60 Per Hour | 1 Lifestyle Organizer

Shopping Fee:

$50 Per Hour | 2 Lifestyle Organizers

$25 Per Hour | 1 Lifestyle Organizers

We are budget-friendly!

For projects, $3500-$20,000 – requires a 10% deposit

For projects, $20,000 and over – requires a 5% deposit

Success! You're on the list.

Contact Cheryl @ (860)961.6824 &

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