a tower of stones

How I feel when someone ask me about cleaning & organizing


Welcome to CC Home Concierge Company ~ CCHC for short!

My name is Cheryl ~ I’m a Professional Organizer

I provide a gateway to mental wellness and peace of mind by way of my holistic approach to Clean & Organize, a method where you can reclaim serenity and harmony into your life. ​Allow me to help with running those errands for you, or taking care of those tasks such as grocery shopping, laundry, meal prep, and much more. Together, with hands-on coaching we will create Sacred Spaces for you and or your family to live in abundance of energy.

Quotes from happy clients:

I feel your motivation when you drive up the driveway”, “You help me find calmness in my chaos”, “I am happy with the systems we created together – I am proud of myself because of your coaching”, “you provide me scent-therapy every time I walk in the door when you have cleaned”.

Summer / 2018 – “You made us look professional”

           Sacred Spaces. A holistic way to Clean & Organize











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