Hello, I am Cheryl Camacho ~ I give Real-Practical-Advice on finding the calm in the chaos~

What are Your Misconceptions about being Organized?

Could It Be ….

  • Some people are just born with it
  • It’s boring
  • It cost a lot of money

But, here is the Truth:

  • Organizing is a simple skill that anyone can learn
  • Once you learn a process – you make it fun
  • It cost more money NOT to be organized

I grew up with a Mom, that believed if there was ONE little spot on the wall that didn’t have something hanging there….It would tomorrow!

So … I have been there, when friends come over to your house and look around and say “wow, your mom has a lot of plants and stuff!” I’m not saying that she was a hoarder by any means, but she did have what I had coined for her years ago “organized clutter” though out the house. I was always saying to her on the trips home from the flea markets and yard sales – Less is More! She would look at me, like Yeah, Yeah – less is less not more! She was a funny lady …..and she was one of my first Organizing Clients. I did help her bring purpose to all the rooms in her home, not just being a warehouse for all the items she would ‘adopt’ at the flea markets, yard & estate sales.

How I Got Here:

I grew up as a military child, we moved about every two years while I was in my school years. I mentioned my Mom earlier, she was a Navy wife that had a talent for turning ‘nothing into something’ – I am so blessed that the gene has been passed on to me! Having an organized, clean room was a requirement from us as we were growing up. My mom found creative ways of incentives for my brother and I to keep our rooms cleaned along with keeping the house cleaned and tidy. My first customers for housecleaning and organizing were the families that lived in Military Housing with us, I added the services onto my babysitting service to earn extra money for music concerts,clothes, albums along with other things that I enjoyed when I was young. Then, in 1986 I opened a cleaning company, and added organizing services to my residential and commercial clients. I have been a Professional Organizer for over 20 years – I have seen it all, and have helped many to change the way they live in their homes and business. Contact me if I can help you re-envision your space along with finding the calm in the chaos!

I Can Help You Recreate . Redesign . Revive . your life


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