Need A Little Help?

Concentration & Focus

I don’t know if you’re like me, but I need help at times to keep me focused and concentrated on the task in front of me.

I found this video a few weeks ago and have been using for my studies. I hope you find it helpful.

Peace Harmony & Love

X ♥ O Cheryl

I’d Rather Hang Out With Animals

I used music to train my Catahoula “Duke” to settle down when he was a puppy and when he got older, we had a 1 year cat at the time also – so I would announce that “Momma is putting on the nappy music”. They both would wander into the office and lay down to nap. It worked!

Our animals can sense that we are feeling anxious or over-whelmed, they will have difficulty too if they know they can’t make us happy. Please take care of the animals too is this crazy time we are going through.

Peace Harmony & Love

Cheryl XO