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7 simple ways to brighten up your January

purple door

What do you think about the color of the entry door? It’s a great way to brighten up a worn out door, adding the family initial and the word HELLO just says….come on in!

greenery throughout the house

Before you throw out or burn this years Christmas tree and greenery, cut off the good branches, make small bouquets out of them and place around the house to add some color and natural accents.

pink rose garland on mantel

I don’t know about you, but my mantel always looks so boring and bare when I take away the holiday greenery. Add some flowers and roses from a local florist, dry them out to place them in fresh garland and greenery and drape over the mantel, the candles add a nice soft glow to the room.

candles for warmth on tray

Speaking of candles, what a great way to add a gentle glow to the rooms throughout the house. Nowadays there are so many safe options for candles that have the look and feel of the real ones – It’s all about preference.

pinkish bulbs

This is another option to add softness and glow in the winter – change your light bulbs to a pinkish or softer light in bathrooms and bedrooms…..and ladies, we really look good in the pinkish light!

yellow kitchen

Adding yellow to any room will brighten your day, but adding it in the kitchen is a sure way to get you in a cheerful mood during the winter months. Lemons in a bowl on the table, getting yellow flowers at your local florist and placing them around the house can sure beat the winter-blues!

purple bathroom

Don’t forget the bathrooms! You can brighten up this room by using – towels, switching out the shower curtain, adding colorful accessories, changing the small carpets and window treatments if your bathrooms has a window.


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The Holidays are Coming…..Are you Ready?

traditional holiday decor 3

What do you Need Help With ~

  • Organizing your Home?
  • Redesigning your Space?
  • Staging your Home or Office for a Holiday Party?
  • We also Clean……

Envision-Designs offers a unique Package Program – You can purchase a 4-hour Session Package of Organize.Redesign.Stage. services, which are listed on our website. Mix & Match the packages, the more packages you purchase the bigger the discount ~ Example: I will give you a 10% discount on the 2nd package you purchase, 15% off 3rd package, 20% off 4th package, 25% off 5th package….so on!

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Here at Envision-Designs, we have solutions….and Stickers!

I know there are a few of you out there very upset about the new Starbucks Holiday Cup.

starbucks cup

I personally don’t understand why – okay yes, it’s plain with no designs – of course I am a former Preschool Teacher and mind keeps going to STICKERS!!!

Stickers Cure Everything – Start off with a Holiday Name Tag to put on your cup!

merry christmas name tags

Then get creative with a collection of STICKERS!!

merry christmas stickers

You feeling better now? I told you, Stickers Cure Everything!

Now get out there and create……..


Winter Projects!

flea market clipart

I am not a fan of the Winter Season ~ Except for Christmas!

Envision-Designs is going to be posting some winter project ideas to help myself and others out there, to get through the dark, grey days of Winter. I am going to be – Shhhh….stealing or I like to call it ……copying, the idea from HGTV Flea Market Flip. Each month I will post a Flip List ~ to take with you to flea markets, tag sales, thrift stores, antique stores – wherever you like to hunt for treasures. Once you find an item that is on the Flip List, you think about how you can fix and flip: re-purpose, re-finish, re-make, re-design, etc. to resell at a profit. Here is an opportunity to work alone or as a team to show off your skills or to try out your creative side! You never know this could be your calling…..take the challenge!

Come Back for Flip Lists & Remember to post pictures!!!!!