How Do I Work?

Today, I thought I would give you some information about how the Process & Plan works when you call to purchase sessions for help on Organizing your home or business.

My process is: Assess – Plan – Implement – Evaluate


organized interiors 2


Filling out a Client Intake Form, Photo Release Form and a Working Agreement

Taking a Walk-Through of the home or business, taking notes and pictures

organized interiors 5


Sit and listen to the client, have them share their dreams & expectations of the space

Sit and work with the client to map out a plan for all the spaces that will be organized

organized interiors 6


This is where I help my client plan out the ‘Zones’ throughout the space we will be working

Once the ‘Zones’ are planned out, we will begin to Sort, Purge, Assign a home, containerize the items of the space

organized interiors 4


At this point, we see what is working and what is not working

We schedule some routine check-ups (if needed)

I will send out reminders – “spring cleaning”, “clean-off your office desk day” just to name a few

I hope this helps you to understand how the process & plan works – please visit me @ for more information.

Peace & Harmony, Cheryl

Why hire a Professional Organizer?

blue organized living room

  • Professional organizers are individuals who are employed for the purpose of cleaning, arranging, and tidying a home or professional work space. Their objective is to create a working environment for clients that allows them to work or live more smoothly and efficiently.
  • Help individuals and businesses control surroundings, time and paper piles.
  • ┬áProvide room-by-room space planning and reorganization, estate organization, and improved management of paperwork.
  • Design custom organizing systems and teach organizing skills using tested principles and techniques.
  • Professional organizers provide the right plan with the right tools!

Live in what you love – If you are not loving what you live in – Call me 860.961.6824

Peace & Harmony, Cheryl

How to Host a Clothing Swap

clothing swap 4

Hosting a Clothing Swap

Clear the Clutter and Upgrade your Closet!

  1. Include friends of all sizes & shapes.
  2. Host your swap at the end of the season – use Evite or Facebook invitation (save some trees).
  3. Note the minimum or maximum number of items each person should bring.
  4. Only items in good condition.
  5. Add accessories to the mix (handbags, scarves, shoes, belts) gently worn – this will ensure that everyone can find something.
  6. Designate one room for changing – have at least 2 full-length mirrors.
  7. Ask friends to throw everything in the dryer (handbags & shoes too) on high heat for 10 to 20 minutes – State on invite: if your items have already went through the dry cleaning process – skip this step.
  8. Find a local charity that will take the overflow – (Dress for Success, Goodwill)
  9. Have plenty of Wine, food and music, and you will get plenty of laughs, good time and your friends go home with a new outfit ….. Priceless!
  10. I wanted to add this – if you are friendly with your children’s teacher(s), please invite them, they are always looking for items for their classroom. Especially, if you have preschooler, the teachers are looking for clothing for Dramatic Play area, or an Art teacher – looking for shirts as smocks when creating, Dramatic teacher that puts on plays at the school, School Nurses to have extra clothes on-hand. These professionals struggle to get items for their students, and this is a good way to help!

Enjoy and Have fun!

Peace & Harmony, Cheryl


Now….I’m thinking Spring Cleaning!


Does this weather in New England have you thinking spring cleaning and declutter – if it does Envision-Designs can help with these four items & much more:

  1. Attics, basements, garages
  2. Organize closets
  3. Reorganize book cases , cabinets, etc.
  4. Restyle the rooms

Clean ~ Organize ~ Simplify your home!

If I can help you with any of my Organize.Redesign.Stage. services ~ contact me @ – right here, comment below – Facebook – Follow me on twitter.

Peace & Harmony, Cheryl



Are you thinking Spring?

dragonfly in the field 7

I am here at Envision-Designs ….

To help my clients during tax time, tuition time and whatever other financial obligations you have at this time of the year – I have decided to drop my package prices 20% from now throughout the Spring 2016. If you need help with any Organize.Redesign.Stage. services, please call, text or email to book a session.

Peace & Harmony, Cheryl

Selling your Home in the Spring?

radiator sitting under window

I have created a list of projects you need to get started before you can list your home, these projects would take a weekend or two to complete, these items are a great start to maximize what you have, so that it appeals to buyers. Successful home staging must make financial sense and I am experienced and trained in making the most out of your current belongings in order to turn buyer traffic into offers.

  1. Fill nail holes – Start in one room, I would start upstairs if you live in a two-story, working yourself Left to Right in every room. Take all art work and pictures off the walls – lay them out in another room – inventory what you will keep for staging and pack the rest. Fill the nail holes, put on a fresh coat of paint (cheaper than a price reduction).
  2. White trim? Start by cleaning it, then a fresh coat of paint to make the room look brighter.
  3. Rebirth Radiators – Sand them first or use a wire brush to remove grime, dust, loose and scaling paint. Then apply an oil-based primer, next paint with oil-base paint.
  4. Grout – Use a grout cleaner on shower walls and floors – purchase a mini grout brush, mix a half & half solution of vinegar and warm water (as a former housekeeper, I used for 20 years) with some ‘elbow grease’. For more stubborn stains make a paste of baking soda, water – apply to grout, then spray with half & half solution.
  5. Shower head build-up- Fill a plastic container with enough vinegar to cover it, minimal build up – soak for 30 minutes – severe build up – soak overnight. If too gross, replace it!
  6. Check all caulk – It tends to wear out after years of cleaning and discolors with age. Reapply the caulk for the low cost of about $5.00.
  7. Clean all windows – Both indoor and outdoor – in addition to cleaning the windows, run a vacuum over the screens and curtains. Dust all blinds.
  8. Make sure all your kitchen cabinet knobs are tight, cabinet doors close properly. You might want to change your knobs to add appeal.
  9. Dust both the ceiling and all of those ceiling lights, make them dust & cob-web free!
  10. Clean all appliances – inside & out

Fixing your home – one room at a time, is like finding the ‘heart beat’ of the house! I cleaned homes for over 20 years, I can tell you – each home has it’s own heart beat – that is why you can walk into some houses, and say “I just feel so at home here” and there are homes, when you walk in and say “I need to leave here”…. it’s the heart beat! If you need help finding yours – please reach out to me at Envision-Designs – text or call 860.961.6824

Peace & Harmony …. Cheryl

7 simple ways to brighten up your January

purple door

What do you think about the color of the entry door? It’s a great way to brighten up a worn out door, adding the family initial and the word HELLO just says….come on in!

greenery throughout the house

Before you throw out or burn this years Christmas tree and greenery, cut off the good branches, make small bouquets out of them and place around the house to add some color and natural accents.

pink rose garland on mantel

I don’t know about you, but my mantel always looks so boring and bare when I take away the holiday greenery. Add some flowers and roses from a local florist, dry them out to place them in fresh garland and greenery and drape over the mantel, the candles add a nice soft glow to the room.

candles for warmth on tray

Speaking of candles, what a great way to add a gentle glow to the rooms throughout the house. Nowadays there are so many safe options for candles that have the look and feel of the real ones – It’s all about preference.

pinkish bulbs

This is another option to add softness and glow in the winter – change your light bulbs to a pinkish or softer light in bathrooms and bedrooms…..and ladies, we really look good in the pinkish light!

yellow kitchen

Adding yellow to any room will brighten your day, but adding it in the kitchen is a sure way to get you in a cheerful mood during the winter months. Lemons in a bowl on the table, getting yellow flowers at your local florist and placing them around the house can sure beat the winter-blues!

purple bathroom

Don’t forget the bathrooms! You can brighten up this room by using – towels, switching out the shower curtain, adding colorful accessories, changing the small carpets and window treatments if your bathrooms has a window.


Here at Envision-Designs, we have solutions….and Stickers!

I know there are a few of you out there very upset about the new Starbucks Holiday Cup.

starbucks cup

I personally don’t understand why – okay yes, it’s plain with no designs – of course I am a former Preschool Teacher and mind keeps going to STICKERS!!!

Stickers Cure Everything – Start off with a Holiday Name Tag to put on your cup!

merry christmas name tags

Then get creative with a collection of STICKERS!!

merry christmas stickers

You feeling better now? I told you, Stickers Cure Everything!

Now get out there and create……..

Spooky, Fun and Simple!