Hello Fall …


Home Sweet Home

My husband is from Sao Paulo, Brasil – It has been 20 years since I have been there, I can tell you it is still with me!

The music, The people, The culture, The arts, is so infectious that it gets into your soul and won’t leave you alone – at least this has happened to me.

I know today, with the Rio 2016 Olympics ending there will be a lot of people leaving Brasil,  I am sure a good majority of them will be back!

I found this video a couple of months on you tube, I want to share it today – it shows the true diversity of the city ~ Enjoy….

Peace & Harmony, Cheryl

Hello Darkness My Old Friend #Prayers2Nice

“There is no world outside us. The world is, in fact, our collective projections of love and fear, hopes and conflicts. In taking responsibility for our own thoughts and feelings, we play our part in the healing of the world. The world is in a critical phase because we are. The world is in massive shift because we are. The world still has a chance for survival, both in spite of us and because of us.” ~ Marianne Williamson

Here at Envision-Designs, we have solutions….and Stickers!

I know there are a few of you out there very upset about the new Starbucks Holiday Cup.

starbucks cup

I personally don’t understand why – okay yes, it’s plain with no designs – of course I am a former Preschool Teacher and mind keeps going to STICKERS!!!

Stickers Cure Everything – Start off with a Holiday Name Tag to put on your cup!

merry christmas name tags

Then get creative with a collection of STICKERS!!

merry christmas stickers

You feeling better now? I told you, Stickers Cure Everything!

Now get out there and create……..

Do You Have a Vision?

pain 2

“The Pain Pushes Us – Until the Vision Pulls Us”

Spooky, Fun and Simple!

Does your office make you feel like a million bucks?

million dollar office 2

If not…Envision-Designs can help!

Small Office Cleaning & More~ We are adding this service in October 2015

New Services added:


  • Cubicle and work station cleaning
  • Restroom sanitation
  • Dusting and wood furnishing polishing
  • Lobby, reception area
  • Conference room detailed-clean
  • Waste removal

    Redesign/Space Planning

  • Use space efficiently and effectively
  • Accommodate special processes and work flows
  • Create a desired image and atmosphere
  • Redesign IT and Telecom set ups
  • Redesign for Flexibility and growth
  • Consider dilapidation (leased/rental spaces)

     Staging/Event and Meeting Support

  • Set-up (events, meetings, staff rooms)
  • Conference, workshop (consult, design, set up)
  • Detail-cleaning before office events
  • Pre/Post conference/event meeting
  • Set-up and Tear-down of office events (holiday parties, special celebrations)
  • Consult on office décor/decorations

Few things that makes Envision-Designs different:

  1. Daily/weekly/monthly cleaning services
  2. Green Products used throughout
  3. We specialize in small offices under 3,000 square feet
  4. We personalize/customize your cleaning and event program

If it can be dreamed, it can be done~