Spring Clean Your Lifestyle!

Spring Clean Your Lifestyle!

1. Intentional Spring clean. As you clean your house, approach the process with kindness and be patient as it unfolds. Ask: what are my goals for the home? How do I want to inhabit my space differently? What could I do to be happier in my home? 

2. Refresh your journaling routine. Perhaps you’ve always been a free-form writer seeking more direction in your process. Find inspiration with journaling prompts tailored to how you want to realign and recalibrate. 

3. Design with fresh blooms. What better way to welcome Spring than with the beautiful colors of our natural world? Visit your local farmer’s market, flower shop (sometimes they have leftovers from bridal bouquets & centerpieces), or even your local grocery store —it’s a lovely little pick-me-up after your Sunday afternoon tasks.

4. Revisit your spending habits. While the idea of creating a budget may call visions of anxiety and being told NO makes your eye twitch, it is necessary!  I like to think of money as an ‘energy’, not an entity I am beholden to – that’s why you MUST look at your financial picture weekly. Then take a DEEP DIVE once a month. Simply make a list: All your debits (money out) All your credits (money in) + Your monthly Income. This gives you a better understanding of where your money is going and what that says about how you spend your time with your money. Are you spending on clothes you don’t love? On shoes that don’t fit? Would you rather dedicate more money to experiences? To updates on the home? When you have those numbers right in front of you, it will have you spending the ‘green’ differently.

5. Take your workout outside. I’m an outdoor workout girlie through and through. So, when the weather warms up, you can bet I’m hopping on my bike and hitting the trails. Why? Because there’s nothing that energizes or inspires me quite like being outdoors. Even if that looks like a 20-minute walk after work, every step counts . . . . 

6. Dine outdoors. It doesn’t just have to be just when you work out—as you spring clean your lifestyle, look for all the little pockets in your day that you can spend outdoors. You need to eat, so why not set up a picnic at your local winery(adults only)  or local park (family) for lunch or dinner? 

7. Make weekly farmer market trips. Our local coastal farmer’s market moves outdoors in April, and I’m there every weekend. I love indulging in the ritual of a leisurely morning coffee and walking around the market without a list in hand—ready to let inspiration lead the way.

8. Switch up scents! For perfumes, candles, and however else you choose to scent your lifestyle. Pumpkin spice is out ….thank goodness! lilacs are very much in.

9. Pick one thing & Let it go.  This spring, choose one thing—be it a weekly obligation, an invitation you’ve been unwilling to accept, whatever it may be!—and release it. Trust me, the sun will rise and set without you overextending yourself.

10. Upgrade your beauty cabinet. Have you always been curious about clean beauty but haven’t yet taken the plunge? Try This! If a total redesign isn’t in the cards (new products can add up quickly), select a few items in your daily routine to refresh. A little goes a long way.

11. Morning brain dump. If journaling isn’t your ‘thing’ yet, ease your way in with a simple brain dump. In the morning when you wake up, pull out a piece of paper or journal and simply jot down all that’s on your mind. Whether that’s work anxieties or a strange dream you can’t shake off, write it down on the page and leave it there. No need for you to carry it around all day long.

12. Let go of negative self-talk. We’re done!

13. Repurpose a junk drawer into a wellness drawer. Or add a collection of anything else that brings you joy! In the past, I have swapped out my random pens, paperclips, loose keys I had no idea what lock they fit, and sticky notes for aesthetically pleasing objects and positive affirmations and mantras, I love to look at each morning. Create yours however you’d like.

14. Declutter your closet. You’ll be amazed how a small change will transform your whole mood. Each spring, I edit my wardrobe. Gone are the items I haven’t worn in 12 months (seasonal clothes don’t count). If you haven’t heard, clothes should fit you—not the other way around. Build a wardrobe capsule

15. Fluff-Up! your sleep routine. No more phones on the nightstand. Scratch that, they don’t belong in the bedroom at all (unless you need them for an emergency). Just a good book, perhaps your journal, and whatever else helps you wind down (my kitty-Cat helps). This spring and beyond, we’re all getting the sleep we deserve.

16. More silence, please. So much of our lives are dictated by the noise (thoughts, opinions, and influences) that others put out into the world. I’m a warrior with my quiet time and space—in the morning and evening before bed, be particularly mindful of what you allow into your lifestyle.

17. Embrace more whole foods in your nutrition planning. I’m not saying cut out everything that tastes yummy, but moderation should be your closet friend! Throughout your day, look for opportunities to bring more unprocessed or minimally processed foods into your meals. Whether that’s a fresh salad with lunch, fruit in your oatmeal, or nuts as a nighttime snack—“Your diet is a bank account. Good food choices are good investments.” – Bethenny Frankel

18. Clean up your digital life. Clear your phone roll of accidental screenshots and photos of your ex. Delete contacts you no longer speak with anymore. Achieve inbox zero—or whatever realistic version of that you choose. I do a Digital-Declutter once a month!

19. Create a tech-free zone in your home. Analog only, y’all. Books, art supplies, crafting items—whatever brings you joy! The only rule: no cell phones are allowed.

20. Hydrate. If I’m in a bad mood or need an energy boost, a sip of water is almost always the answer. If you’re like me and do not like plain water daily, there are plenty of water flavors to add: fresh fruit, and zero-calorie H2O flavoring. This is what I’m working on currently – drinking more water daily. Let’s hydrate together!

𝓟𝓮𝓪𝓬𝓮 & 𝓗𝓪𝓻𝓶𝓸𝓷𝔂 ~ Your Friendly Organizer, Cheryl

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