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My Packages & Pricing:

I arranged my services into (3) Service Packages – My Residential Package, I believe you are going to like this one, I have filled it with all the services and solutions for your home and life. Together we create systems based on your specific personality, needs and goals.  My next one is the Workspace Package, if you are looking for function and efficiency along with style in your workspace this package is filled with solutions for you to decrease stress and increase productivity. My third package is the Active Seen-Ager Package, First – “Seen-Ager” is my favorite term these days, it sounds so much better than Senior . . . Elder . . . Old, don’t you agree? This package is filled with answers to questions you may have about “Who will help Mom and Dad around the house once I take this job promotion or job relocation?” “Can we find someone to help Mom with her favorite projects around the house?” “How can we make this place where Mom and Dad can stay  and age?” this package can solve those problems you may have in your in your life or family. Take a look and if there is anything you are looking for – not listed in the package – please ask!

  • Residential Package:

Home Services: Deep-Cleaning, Standard-Cleaning, organizing – Tour the home to analyze, sort, purge, assign a home, containerize, follow-up in reference to organizing the rooms in order to create purpose and function in each space , interior redesign (placement over purchase), downsize/minimalize Errand Services: grocery shopping, dry cleaning (drop-off/pick-up), laundry, ironing, postal (drop-off/pick-up) Meal Preparation Service: meal prep for the week, after school snack station, menu planning, meal assistant~

  • Workspace Package:

Small offices and Work place Services: desk and filing organization, teach how to organize information physically and digitally, prioritize your tasks, minimize distractions, assist with project planning and scheduling, redesign space to reflect your personality to your clients and/or potential customers, Space-Planning and Redesign Services: working together to design an office layout for functional and efficient work flow, communication and brain-storming (I provide Deep-Cleaning and Standard-Cleaning if you own, rent your place of business) ~

  • Active Seen-Ager Package:

Home Services: Deep-Cleaning, Standard-Cleaning, moving/transition assistant, downsize/minimalize, home modifications for age-in-place Meal Preparation Services: assisting with healthy home-cooked meals, meal prep for week/month, menu planning Errand Services: grocery shopping, medication reminders, laundry, ironing, assistant with projects, postal (drop-off/pick-up), dry cleaning (drop-off/pick-up) Home Organization Services: Declutter and remove, garage sale organization and assistant on the day of sale, Tour the home to analyze, sort, purge, assign a home, containerize, follow-up in reference to organizing the rooms in order to create purpose and function to each space. 

butterflys 3 (The hourly fee for the Active Seen-ager Concierge Package is $18.00)

Plus additional service: down arrow 2

  • For Home or Business Occasions & EventsEvent / Party Planning: holidays, birthdays (all ages), anniversary, graduation, retirement, open house – Small Business / Corporate: open house, holidays, employee recognition, meetings / conferences


Package pricing:

Hourly, Weekly, Monthly / Length of service: Hourly, 1/2 day, Full day +

Pay as you Go:

$30.00 / hour

Buy a Package:

4 hour / $120.00

8 hour / $240.00

10 hour / $300.00

*(We track your usage at each task, you can use time at anytime within a year, no less than a 3 hour session)*