Set ~ Backs!

SB 4

We all have setbacks and they can come from various areas of our lives ~

Family, Friends, Work,  Mother-nature!

It is how we handle the setbacks, the way we can regroup, go to plan B and make the best of the situation – That’s when a set~back becomes a step~up!


Trends you need to know before selling your home


Since the time when I was a young girl of about twelve or thirteen years of age, I would accompany my Mother to Open Houses in the San Diego area on Saturday mornings. My mom would have the newspaper at the breakfast table, marking all the open houses we were going to visit later that day, I would grab the town map and pencil~in all the addresses and off we went. It was fun pretending for a day – that you had money and a normal life ~ that’s another blog! Lessons learned from those open houses in the 1970’s, staged homes do sell and they sell at a higher profit! The trend is continuing today, there are a lot of homes for sale and if the traditional seller wants to compete they must have their home staged to have any chance to sell it at a greater profit in today’s market.

Trends of Home Staging in 2015:

1. Home sellers are staging their homes – there is fierce competition with short sales, bank-owned homes and traditional sellers. We are now seeing short sales and bank-owned homes being staged.

2. Home Stager and real estate professionals are teaming up more and more to give superior customer service to the seller.

3. The real estate agent that makes Home Staging part of their marketing plan will lead the market and obtain more listings.

4. Real Estate Mantra : Staging, Staging, Staging ~ has replaced ~ Location, Location, Location

It’s about presenting a home to a potential buyer, where the buyer feels the comfort, see the beauty throughout the home.

New Organizing Packages


This is the time of year that everyone is thinking PACKAGES ~ well isn’t it time you give yourself a package?

Envision-Designs is offering “Pre-Staging” Packages for home owners that are looking to put their house on the market in the Spring of 2015. What a great way to get through the dreary & grey winter days in New England, then by getting your house organized, clean, redesigned and ready to stage for the Spring!

A Package consists of a Min/Max of 4 Hour Organizing Sessions –

12 Hour Session: 3 sessions x 4 hours ~ 12 hour package = $660

20 Hour Session: 5 sessions x 4 hours ~ 20 hour package = $1,100

40 Hour Session: 10 sessions x 4 hours ~ 40 hour package = $2,200

          * The number of sessions are adjustable to your schedule*

How the assessment session works:

1. Initial assessment/observation of space (takes 1-1 1/2 hours) $100

2. Set ‘zones’ and time frames for each room

3. Discuss/observe specific problems

4. Talk tips & techniques for rooms

5. Create a plan with the client.

                    ( $100 discount applies when packages are paid in full at time of assessment session )

Winter Projects!

flea market clipart

I am not a fan of the Winter Season ~ Except for Christmas!

Envision-Designs is going to be posting some winter project ideas to help myself and others out there, to get through the dark, grey days of Winter. I am going to be – Shhhh….stealing or I like to call it ……copying, the idea from HGTV Flea Market Flip. Each month I will post a Flip List ~ to take with you to flea markets, tag sales, thrift stores, antique stores – wherever you like to hunt for treasures. Once you find an item that is on the Flip List, you think about how you can fix and flip: re-purpose, re-finish, re-make, re-design, etc. to resell at a profit. Here is an opportunity to work alone or as a team to show off your skills or to try out your creative side! You never know this could be your calling…..take the challenge!

Come Back for Flip Lists & Remember to post pictures!!!!!

Prices are Falling!

falling leaves falling prices

I have been helping clients Declutter and Downsize this month, so I have decided to DECREASED my price per hour. Please take advantage of the Staging Services I offer to get the most money for your home at the resale. I have discounts going on right now, and percentage off on my ‘Organizing Packages’ that I created this week. Please come back to see what I have created for a colorful & organized season!

fall friday

Design gone too far?

No ~ Nein ~ Nai ~ B’u ~ Nao ~ La ~ Nee ~ Pa

Does not matter in what language – I cannot spit my toothpaste on the fish!

I love great design just as much as the next artist, but has great design gone too far?

Would you install this sink in your house? Thoughts?

Service Packages:

Here are some Packages that I have put together with discounts:

Please call Envision-Designs for more information

  • Vacation Rentals Package- stage to sell, staged to rent, close-down for season
  • Property Management Package- staged to rent
  • Investors Package- Commercial or Residential: Offices, Businesses, Homes- stage to rent/sell, Redesign
  • Down-Sizing Package- Moving or Relocation services, stage to sell, Organize and Declutter, Redesign of new home
  • Color Consultant Package- Help with color theme of home, rooms or just a corner of your home
  • Move-in Redesign Package- Help with design, color consultation, blending of household items