Events & Workshops

Wildflower Art Studio

As we journey the pathways to your and/or your child’s goals, we will have some fun along the way with these events & workshops:

*Binder/Journal builder

*Feng Shui workshop (invited coach)

*Micro/Mini Organizing workshops

*Mind-mapping workshop

*Mindful Walks

*Redesign & Wine event (A)

*Study Skills/Notetaking workshop

*Time management Skills workshop

*Walk & Wine (A)

*Vision Board or Box workshop

I will announce whether they will be for (A)=ADULTS ONLY or (K)= KIDS ONLY workshops or events.
All the workshops & events will take place locally, If you have any ideas of unique venues please share I would love to add them to the list. I will communicate the events in our newsletter – it goes out the last Wednesday of every month.
Be sure to sign up so you don’t miss the party!
Starting in September 2022 I will post upcoming workshops/events every Wednesday on the Lifestyle by Design blog ♥