Coaching Programs & Fees

 There is no “one size fits all” organizing method. Each client is different; so a different system needs to be set up for the individual to make sure we create a space that reflects their personality. Some clients want to establish “homes” for all of their stuff, some want to better understand balance and Feng Shui, some want a stylish eye, and some ….simply have an eye for order.

Functional Design Is Our Business

Decluttering & Organizing:

  • Sort, simplify, and style (addressing duplicates, clutter, and everyday chaos) to create a manageable, client-centered space.
  • Set up organizational systems/structures that will work with you/your family’s organizational personality, habits, and budget.
  • Store and display your needed, used, and loved items in a way to better reflects YOU, your loved ones, and your lifestyle.
  • Finish the project with a Deep-Clean of the space.
Our Three SYL Coaching Programs:

1. Simplify Your Lifestyle (SYL) Hands-On Professional Organizing works best if the client is present for the decluttering portion to make decisions about what to keep vs. discard as we go through the spaces that the client has chosen to start. Charges for these services are in 2 segments:  Labor (package pricing available) and Product (if needed). ($50/Hour)

2. Simplify Your Lifestyle (SYL) Total Space Refresh is another option. This service is great for those who are behind with dishes, laundry, organizing, picking up, and cleaning. It’s an organizing service that offers it all! ($50/Hour)

Clean + Organize + Redesign For Whole Home, Office, Space(s)

New London County, don’t get overwhelmed as the chores pile up. Let us tackle them for you once and for all, giving you a fresh start from which you can move forward, with a clean space.

3. Simplify Your Lifestyle (SYL) Slow-Living Coaching Session: Each Session Includes Organize/Clean/Redesign Services ($50/Hour) 

What is a Slow-Living Lifestyle? Taking time to enjoy life

What are the benefits? Less stress, increase happiness, more time to enjoy moments

Declutter your spaces- having organized spaces give you more energy and time

Learn to say “NO” – you will learn not to feel bad for making yourself a priority

Step away from Social Media – there is no such thing as living slowly on these platforms

Spend time doing nothing – Not Literally! Savor time during the day to enjoy what brings joy

Do things more slowly – This IS Literally! Be less aggressive and more purposeful with your time

SLOW acronym: Sustainable – Local – Organic – Whole

Learn more about our professional organization services at LBD –  Contact Cheryl today.

We offer personalized hands-on sessions in the Southeastern CT area!