Now….I’m thinking Spring Cleaning!


Does this weather in New England have you thinking spring cleaning and declutter – if it does Envision-Designs can help with these four items & much more:

  1. Attics, basements, garages
  2. Organize closets
  3. Reorganize book cases , cabinets, etc.
  4. Restyle the rooms

Clean ~ Organize ~ Simplify your home!

If I can help you with any of my Organize.Redesign.Stage. services ~ contact me @ – right here, comment below – Facebook – Follow me on twitter.

Peace & Harmony, Cheryl



Are you thinking Spring?

dragonfly in the field 7

I am here at Envision-Designs ….

To help my clients during tax time, tuition time and whatever other financial obligations you have at this time of the year – I have decided to drop my package prices 20% from now throughout the Spring 2016. If you need help with any Organize.Redesign.Stage. services, please call, text or email to book a session.

Peace & Harmony, Cheryl

Selling your Home in the Spring?

radiator sitting under window

I have created a list of projects you need to get started before you can list your home, these projects would take a weekend or two to complete, these items are a great start to maximize what you have, so that it appeals to buyers. Successful home staging must make financial sense and I am experienced and trained in making the most out of your current belongings in order to turn buyer traffic into offers.

  1. Fill nail holes – Start in one room, I would start upstairs if you live in a two-story, working yourself Left to Right in every room. Take all art work and pictures off the walls – lay them out in another room – inventory what you will keep for staging and pack the rest. Fill the nail holes, put on a fresh coat of paint (cheaper than a price reduction).
  2. White trim? Start by cleaning it, then a fresh coat of paint to make the room look brighter.
  3. Rebirth Radiators – Sand them first or use a wire brush to remove grime, dust, loose and scaling paint. Then apply an oil-based primer, next paint with oil-base paint.
  4. Grout – Use a grout cleaner on shower walls and floors – purchase a mini grout brush, mix a half & half solution of vinegar and warm water (as a former housekeeper, I used for 20 years) with some ‘elbow grease’. For more stubborn stains make a paste of baking soda, water – apply to grout, then spray with half & half solution.
  5. Shower head build-up- Fill a plastic container with enough vinegar to cover it, minimal build up – soak for 30 minutes – severe build up – soak overnight. If too gross, replace it!
  6. Check all caulk – It tends to wear out after years of cleaning and discolors with age. Reapply the caulk for the low cost of about $5.00.
  7. Clean all windows – Both indoor and outdoor – in addition to cleaning the windows, run a vacuum over the screens and curtains. Dust all blinds.
  8. Make sure all your kitchen cabinet knobs are tight, cabinet doors close properly. You might want to change your knobs to add appeal.
  9. Dust both the ceiling and all of those ceiling lights, make them dust & cob-web free!
  10. Clean all appliances – inside & out

Fixing your home – one room at a time, is like finding the ‘heart beat’ of the house! I cleaned homes for over 20 years, I can tell you – each home has it’s own heart beat – that is why you can walk into some houses, and say “I just feel so at home here” and there are homes, when you walk in and say “I need to leave here”…. it’s the heart beat! If you need help finding yours – please reach out to me at Envision-Designs – text or call 860.961.6824

Peace & Harmony …. Cheryl

It happens to the best of us……

Do you need help with some office organizing – I did!

Yes, I as a Professional Organizer need to look at my own space once in awhile to make sure I’m practicing what I preach. I remember some months ago I wrote a blog “Does your office make you feel like a million bucks?” I looked around my office, and said “NO”. My office was picked up after every work day, but it had these small little areas that needed help. It happens with everyone, especially the self employed, you are too busy with getting your business started and all the things that go along with that part of your life – you forget about YOU! I was not helping anyone, if I’m walking into my office not feeling like I am successful ~ I have some more redesigning to do, but I can tell you this, I feel like a million bucks when I walk into my “little sanctuary” these days.


Happy Sunday…


River walking this morning – along the way I kept seeing these two ducks swimming together. They reminded me of my husband and myself, no matter what gets in their way, they keep together …. swimming up the river!




What is your favorite kind of Popcorn?

national popcorn day

According to the Popcorn Board, Americans eat 13-billion quarts of popped popcorn each year – with all the great movies coming out, that amount is sure to increase!

Now…It’s time to get ready

january 27 2015 006We have been waiting here in Southeastern CT for winter to show it’s familiar face, it did just that this morning. I woke up to a white covered lawn and frozen rain falling from the sky. I don’t know about you, but I would rather drive in a foot of snow then an inch of frozen anything! I created a Winter To-Do List for the Camacho household and wanted to share with your household.


1. First Aid Kit/ Emergency Kit
2. Rock Salt
3. Sand – pail your own at your local town garage
4. Sufficient Heating Fuel
5. Adequate Clothing/Blankets
6. Make a Family Communication Plan
7. NOAA weather radio alerts – download phone app
8. Take care of your Pets!


1. Anti Freeze Level
2. Battery/Ignition Systems
3. Brakes
4. Exhaust System
5. Install Good Tires
6. Fuel/Air Filters
7. Heater/Defroster
8. Lights/Hazard Lights
9. Thermostat
10. Windshield Wipers


1. Soups/Stews -> Manual Can Opener
2. Canned Meat/Tuna -> Crackers
3. Cereal -> Chex mix various w/nuts & dried fruit
4. Energy Bars
5. Water -> 1 gallon per person/ 4 day supply
6. Paper Plates, Plastic cups & utensils


1. Battery-Operated Radio
2. Battery-Operated Clock
3. Medication RX/Vitamins – 4 day supply
4. Jackets/Gloves/Scarfs/Extra Clothing
5. Enough $ for 4 days


1. Pet Food
2. Treats
3. Toys
4. Blankets/Mat
5. Leashes/Harnesses
6. Towels
7. Medication/Vitamins


first aid kit 2015

kids communication plan 12 2015

family communication plan 12 2015

In Remembrance…..

Pearl Harbor day 2

National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day December 7th

I Still Believe……..