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Motivational Monday

Do something today for someone else – you don’t have to say a word just do it! You will be amazed.

This is not the video I wanted to post today, but someone out there needed to hear this today, So I’m following through. ♥

Peace ♥ Harmony

Cheryl XO

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Motivational Monday

I have watched this video a few times, this morning I am thinking about a ‘whole bunch of people’ that do not let fear get in their way and because of that WE’RE GOING TO MAKE IT.

#NationalDoctorDay #Thankyouhealthcareworkers

Peace Harmony & Wash your hands! Please

XO Cheryl

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Motivational Monday

Oh Boy . . . . do all of us need to hear this message today! but, listen we are going to get through this, some of us are going to come out on the other side different people, different surroundings, different circumstances. Different is not always bad, sometimes it can be a blessing. I want to ask you – find some gifts throughout your day today, they are there … sometimes bury deep under all the DIRT. #Stayhome

*A quick reminder about the need for Donating Blood during the COVID-19 please visit and make an appointment at Red Cross

Peace Harmony & Stay Home!

XO Cheryl

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Chanel Miller is the kind of young lady that will motivate you to do the right in a wrong.

I wish I had this brave young lady to listen to when I met my monster in the night, she would have empowered me to do the right in a wrong and not sit in my garden of shame and quilt. That’s what I did, what other woman did in the past. We would set up our “silent garden” where we cultivated our shame in silence not telling anyone of the hurt that was put upon us. When you suffer in silence it keeps the secret alive, but once you tell the TRUTH it’s like cutting a major artery . . . it can’t live.

Peace & Harmony

XO Cheryl