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Sunday Blessings

Sit back relax then Lean in

~ Reflect – Let go – Begin – Again ~

Peace & Harmony ~ Cheryl


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Shame It Keeps Your Mouth Shut

Peace & Harmony ~ Cheryl


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When things go wrong

Peace & Harmony ~ Cheryl


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Sunday Blessings . . .

Grounding Yourself with Meditation * Affirmations * Visualization

I use meditation to reduce my Anxiety and Panic attacks – The Mindful Movement is one that a friend turned me on to, I love her soothing voice!

I know I’m not the only one out here suffering from these attacks at certain times of life. The brain is a powerful instrument – when these attacks are happening to me I have created “Anchor Sayings” I use (some call affirmations), when the attack is happening it’s like my brain is driving at 100 miles and hour, but my body doesn’t know where it’s going. The sayings get me back into control of this vessel I call my body.

Anchor sayings I use are “Cheryl, you are okay“, “Cheryl, you are not dying“, “Cheryl, this will pass soon”. I personally, get up and move, does not matter what time of day it is – I do something. I clean, I organize an area, I dance slowly, I workout lightly (lift light weights) I don’t do a full workout! I  personally have to move – laying in bed do the deep breathing does not help me.

Another tool I use is visualization – I create a clear picture of how I want to feel. I love to be at the ocean so I will often picture myself walking on the beach with all the noises and smells of being there. This along with my anchor sayings will bring me out of the attack with minutes – I know when it’s happening it can feel like forever!

I hope you find these tools can help you live a more productive and happy life as they have helped me throughout the years. Enjoy the meditation this morning.

Peace & Harmony ~ Cheryl


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Motivational Monday!

This is an area I struggle with at times – I look around to admire and see the WORK of others, when I know that it’s inside of me too . . . I just need to put in THE WORK!

Sometimes you just need to let go of all the expectations you had for yourself up to this point, stop beating yourself up about where you are not – and celebrate where you are right now . . . this very moment.

Because if you’re reading this you’re seeing, you’re breathing, you’re moving, you’re thinking. Wow, that’s a great place to start – great place for us to start.

Right where we are  in this very moment.

I want to see everyone’s hard work out there today, I know I have some AWESOME people following me on this blog that are doing unique and authentic work . . . Let’s Show The World Our Work!

Peace & Harmony ~ Cheryl

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You’re Worth It!

you are worth it quote 2

Peace & Harmony ~ Cheryl

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