Let’s Find Peace . . .

This Memorial weekend I want to honor all lives lost this year either through past wars, current wars, or domestic wars. I want to honor ALL.

Let’s make sure we are communicating to our children that we will do our best to keep them safe. Do not lie to them, if they ask questions . . . answer them.

The silence from parents, guardians, and school officials cannot happen, it is seen by children that they did something wrong.

Hug the children in your life, laugh with them, talk silly when they talk silly . . . remember OUR CHILDREN pay the ultimate price when they begin their first footprints on this earth.

Let’s us all do the right and honorable things we can do for them to make sure those footprints carry on . . . .

#UvaldeStrong #GloryToUkraine

They Will March Together . . .

To heaven’s gate.

Peace Harmony & Love

Cheryl XO

Our Heros Wear Scrubs

How can you help?

Stay your ass at home – one person staying home saves forty lives.

I care about you – our community – our world!

Peace Harmony & Wash those hands!

XO Cheryl