I’m Not Going To Say “I’m Sorry” Today

I’m not going to say today:

I’m so sorry for your loss

I’m so sorry for the families that have suffered

I’m so sorry for the children

I am going to say today:

We need to get off our assess and do something . . . Now!

We need to advocate for OUR children, they’re all our children

We need to lobby our Congressman

We need to lobby our Senator and Representatives

We need to go to the Hill and scream WE ARE DONE WITH THIS!

I’m not going to tell another parent I am so sorry for your loss at school today.

Do what is right quote

Every single one of us that attended school, we should be pissed off at what is happening in our schools today, what is happening to our children, what’s happening to our communities. 

We cannot accept this as Normal . . . anymore

We must Act on Behalf of our children

As a former teacher, I remember going through the Lock-Downs and Live-Shooting drills being a stressful event in itself, for those moments you need to be in a different mindset – in defense, not thinking about your project that you were working on just before you heard the alarm. 

I taught Preschool a few years ago, I would look around in the students’ faces to make sure none were in any panic stage. We would huddle in the corner of the classroom, the room is dark and quiet, with just the ticking of the school clock. You must remain silent until your area is checked, waiting for the “check” was nerve-wracking not only for myself but for the older preschoolers that have been through the drills many times before.

If you want to get a little taste of what your child goes through in their daily school life, I feel the schools should have a parent’s night at the beginning of the school year. An event where it’s just the parents, they can get “just a taste” of the drills their children go through during the school year. Maybe, there are some schools that are already doing this, if that’s the case – WOO HOO! Parents need to have an understanding – maybe it will motivate action.

We need to do better than just watching the evening news – shaking our heads at the appalling event, talking to our friends family and coworkers about the disgusting situation. But, most of us leave it there. Well, we need to pick it up from here, go forward, educate ourselves on how to Advocate for our Children in this arena and hit the ground running . . . all the way to The Hill screaming, we’re done with this!

If anyone out there in the Southeastern Connecticut region wants to educate a community of keeping schools safe for Children Advocators – reach out to me @ cchomeconcierge@gmail.com, let’s connect.

I would be interested in your thoughts on this matter and if you have any ideas on the Advocacy of School Safety for our children please post them – Let’s start a community.

Peace & Harmony

XO Cheryl

Soothing . . .

Working on book layout and content before I head out for the day – this gets me in the right mindset hope it helps with yours.

Peace Harmony & Staying Peaceful!

XO Cheryl

A Couple of Ways To Cut Clutter

Couple of Spaces

A cluttered home can simply drain you of energy; that much is pretty common knowledge. However, there are other hidden costs of clutter as well.

Clutter can drain your finances and schedule, too. That’s why it’s important to organize your home and workplace calendars along with the finances. Being informed about all monies coming out of or into your check, this way there is no surprises or crisis.

While you don’t need to have your cookbooks alphabetized or your shoes lined up according to the color (if I don’t it could be sleepless nights for me), it is important to have everything in its place and have that place be somewhere that has a purpose.

Peace Harmony & Getting Energized!

XO Cheryl

You Might Need A New Perspective – Not A New Job!


Interviewer: “ So what do you do at work?”

Person 1: “I just take out the trash, wherever there is trash I take care of it”.

Interviewer: “So you’re a lab technician . . . a Scientist?”

Person 1: “No, I just take out the trash”.

Interviewer: “Well, excuse me for not having clarity in my reference to the lab technician and  Scientist – but truly you are when it comes to taking out the trash, especially nowadays. It’s not just throwing it in one spot and that’s it, it’s performing an analyst of the trash to see what you will drop off by the categorized piles of trash, you’re brain is thinking in a logistical and strategical pattern to where you will be bringing the trash all while you are using efficiency with your time and labor to get from one end of your workplace to another. So, you see you’re not just taking out the trash”.

Person 1: “I never looked at my job in that way before”.

Interviewer: “You’re Welcome!”

The above is from a conversation I had with an employee years ago at Mohegan Sun – the employee is still there, has moved on to being a manager all because he changes his mindset about his job.

I worked in a factory in Florida at the height when all these small electronic companies were popping up. I assembled and soldered PC Boards for various computer operators at my employments. There was a time when I was working in Tampa Florida at this mid-size factory – the PC work side had slowed down because of the delay in our Field Technician Training. When this happened you went to perform your side task jobs – these tedious jobs that needed to get done, but nobody liked doing them.

One of these jobs was to punch holes in the plastic covers that protected the PC boards out in the fields. It required a one 1” hole in the top center. This job was on my side task list when there was downtime. I hated this freakin’ job – I hated the sound of the machine (it got in the way of hearing the music) – I hated sitting there doing the same extra thing every minute of my shift – I hated picking up all the plastic discs and saving them (we used them in the field as spacers) this little factory was way ahead of the times.

After work on that Friday, we all meet at a local bar for Happy Hour to gather and bitch about our jobs, not me, I loved my job I just hated doing this side task. Someone yells to me from across the bar  “Hey Cheryl, we’re going to need 500 of those covers next week”, I said to him “oh my God, 500? it takes me 2 days to get 50 done. My friend sitting next to me says “you know sometimes it’s the way you look at a situation that makes you unhappy about it, change the way you look at it”. I thought, WOW she gets very psychological after a few glasses of wine! But, something to ponder. . . . . 

The following Monday, I went to work with a new perspective of that shitty job. I asked my manager if he knew what was the most covers done in an 8-hour shift, he gave me a number I wrote it on a piece of notebook paper taped it to my machine – asked my department lead if I could turn the music up a little louder, she said absolutely. I sat at the machine and expressed that I did not hate her today! I had all my amenities within reach and I began to punch holes. I surpassed 50 in that 8-hour shift. I was 20 years old at the time and have carried that lesson of Mindset with me throughout my career(s) and in my life. The number on the paper was 44!

Peace Harmony & Looking at it differently!


XO Cheryl

How Can I Save Time & Money?

Bundle Up_Postcard

This is a great time of the year to bundle-up some concierge packages before we know it Christmas Morning will be here.

Wouldn’t you love to enjoy yourself this Holiday Season? Cook, if you want to cook, clean if you want to clean, wrap gifts if you want to.

If you DON’T want to do all those time-consuming tasks, I Do . . . I can help with my personalized concierge packages. I have created two new systems just in time for this busy season coming upon us.

The new services – Speed Cleaning System and Speed Organize System, if you bundle up! just these two . . . Man oh man you are on your way to sitting back enjoying your glass of wine and most importantly enjoying your Family Time without the stress.

Peace Harmony & Happy bundling!

XO Cheryl