Home On The Move . . .

Home was where the military sent us.

Picture Your Shelf! As pretty as gallery walls are, they create a lot of holes. Place your pictures and art on a few shelves and you save some patch-up work for later. Unless you have to live in one of those tin military huts, my mother had to be very creative about hanging the family’s pictures! Ikea It!

Keep up with Measurements If you want to keep track of your children’s height, get a ruler or poster that can travel with you when you deploy or PCS (Permanent Change of Station). Amazon.com

Curtain Rod Organization Small Kitchens = Getting Creative. Instead of breaking your back trying to reach the pots and pans, see if you can hang them up on an empty wall. Great ideas here!

Replace Light Fixtures It’s a great way to change the whole mood of a space by changing the light fixture. Be sure to check with the property management/housing department as they may assist with the changes and help put back the originals at move-out. 

Floor to Ceiling Curtains Great way to bring color and texture to a room without having to paint. Amazon.com

Mirror, Mirror If you know you’ll be there a short time, start investing in mirrors as home decor. Mirrors always go with any decor, and if they break during deployment, you won’t be as attached to them as you would a piece of art.

Space Wasters … Corners Try buying furniture that fits the awkward spaces in the corner such as end tables, china cabinets, and desks. They fill the space and provide storage. Wayfair It!

Reuse rugs Hang small decorative rugs on the wall to help deaden sound. This helps when you get a house with shared walls. We had beautiful ones given as gifts from our ‘Navy Families’! Wall Art!

Put a Lid on it! Store items that are in your linen closet or regular closet in bins instead of decorative baskets. I know, I know. Not as cute! But it’ll be much easier to pack up when deployment orders come quickly, you can just close up the box and take it with you. Keep the lids on or store the lids under the bins.

Pegboard in Square Kitchen If you have an unfinished garage, stick pegboards in between the slats for tools. This frees up space if your spouse is an avid tool collector. Apartment Therapy!

Look up! The ceiling Space in the closet, with the help of some wires, is the perfect place to store lightweight items, such as wrapping paper. My mother would use the exposed pipes as guides for her plants, sometimes it was a jungle!

Gussy up your walls with: 

  • Temporary wallpaper – This may be an option if you want some fun texture on your walls. Just make sure to follow the manufacturer’s directions for easy removal. Wayfair it!
  • Add some fire – Faux fireplaces create visual interest, are a central focal point, and may provide a mantle for additional decorating. Plus, these small heating units are portable! Wayfair has what you need!
  • Hang decorative mirrors – Big walls were made for huge mirrors. You can also add groups of small ones in different shapes in a mirror collage to add more light to a room. Just be sure to use the proper wall anchors so they don’t fall. Try these!
  • Add sentimental elements – Vinyl removable art and phrases can add a whimsical touch to areas like the kitchen above a coffee bar. If these were around in the !970s I would have had real problems with the family! Moving their rooms they tolerated from me …but different walls each week! Wayfair it!

Whether you live in military housing, apartment, condo, short term housing, don’t let your blank spaces go to waste. Consider it a creative canvas to do as you please with it (Well, after you check with the property management). If you’re crafty, you can even make your own DIFY decor and artwork to hang and place around for that personal touch!

𝓟𝓮𝓪𝓬𝓮 & 𝓗𝓪𝓻𝓶𝓸𝓷𝔂 ~ Your Organizer & Coach, Cheryl

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