“the soul always knows what to do to heal itself. . . the challenge is to silence the mind”

Has anyone else besides myself had trouble in those Meditation Classes you might find at your local Adult Ed Program or within a Spa/Studio? The instructor always starts off by saying ….so smoothly and soothing.

She begins with “okay close your eyes” I think I can’t keep mine open. Then she says “ and turn off your mind”. 

I always want to raise my hand just in case she can hear mine, and say “excuse me, I’m trying to silence the mind but the self-talk won’t shut up”. 

Learning how to quiet your mind can have a significant impact on your life. When your mind-body is calm and serene, it functions with purpose.

Unfortunately, very few of us have ever experienced the benefits of a quiet mind in today’s world. We are all constantly attacked with incoming messages, news flashes, social media updates, and notifications, which keep our minds troubled and distracted.

And when the mind is not distracted by those types of messages, it tends to constantly “self-talk” and “make noise” even if no sound occurs. For most people, the mind is continually chattering and replaying their fears and doubts.

Over time, we have become comfortable with this endless inner chatter and may even feel uncomfortable when we are not ‘talking’ to ourselves. That’s why most people feel uncomfortable with complete silence . . . it is so deafening.

Do you ever feel flooded with worries that lead to negative “self-talk”?

If so, you are not alone!

I have created various mantras and affirmations in my journal that I put on post-its and posted everywhere in my spaces. The saying changes DAILY because I am not the same person I was yesterday. 

My hope has always been no matter what situation I was currently living through that I have grown even if it’s just a teeny, tiny, small step. That tiny step is transformation. 

So, because of my daily transformations mantras, affirmations, prayers, and quotes I use change to fit the person I am.

I use them all to help me move out of those spaces of negative “self-talk”. I will get to where I am to be quicker if I’m not frozen in those spaces. The last few days that I caught myself having negative “talk” I say:

“Move on Cheryl from this spot” I physically take my arms and circle them with open hands, then bring them down to where it looks like I am guiding my students down the hallway. This movement guides my soul while I’m moving around or just walking in my space.

The above came straight from the journal entry that I wrote yesterday. What I’m trying to say is that YOU ARE NOT ALONE. These days we have plenty of reason to “talk” to ourselves, trying to figure out how to survive the turmoil in the world.

But, you cannot lose sight of the dreams and aspirations you have for yourself or your family. If you keep your Purpose & Passion in clear sight and let go of the negative “self-talk” you can make it to that lifestyle you have in your vision.

Peace & Harmony ~ Cheryl

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