The Big Move

Please use the checklists below to help you with your big moving day.

You want to have the house as clean and tidy as possible when selling your home. Prospective home buyers want to get a feeling for what the house will be like with them living in it.

A real estate sales agent can help advise you on the areas you need to focus on for selling purposes. But, a professional cleaning company knows what needs to be cleaned and how to clean the areas without any damage.

Living in a house for so long presents problems of clearing away areas. Depending on your plans, consider an estate sale with a professional estate sale company to sell furniture or belongings you decide you do not want.

You can also hold yard and garage sales of your own. You can do this during the selling process or even after the sale of the home, but plan ahead of time so you can have everything done by closing.

Congratulations on joining the mortgage club!

Peace ♥ Harmony

Cheryl XO

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