Are You Running Into Each Other . . . at Home?

As a former teacher . . . 

One side of me is giggling a little!  as I hear the stories from parents about how they are struggling to get their children to sit long enough,

It’s not been easy for parents the last 6 months, especially since I never had to make sure my students cleaned their rooms, pick up their belongings off from the stairs, do something with the pile of papers from school . . . my job was to just send the papers home.

One of the things I thought about a great deal as a teacher, is “how do children learn best?” 

Visual, Auditory, Read/Write, Kinesthetic? 

Once you can solve that problem, everything else will fall into place. Having a space that gives your energy and helps keep you focused while it opens up your creativity is what we strive,

Finding that space for all within the household we will make a happier life at home.

Once. a redesign plan is created for the learning area we will create a redesign plan for your remote office space. I have always loved the idea of a “Home Office” the greatest advantage is that it can be more like home than an office.

No Dress Code, No Piped-In Air, No Prowling Supervisors, No Time-Wasting Meetings

Whenever you’re ready to start sharing the home with purpose and peace of mind!

Let’s Chat – call, text, email (860)961-6824 /

Peace Harmony & Stay Safe

XO Cheryl

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