How To Stay Organized This Holiday Season



The holidays can be a joyful time of fun and cheer, but the season can be stressful and exhausting too. Between shopping, entertaining, decorating and celebrating, it can be hard to stay on top of all your to-do lists. Having your home organized ahead of time is a great way to eliminate some of the . . . shall we call it, festive frenzy!

  1. Making a List & Checking it Twice. One of the most important things you can do to keep your holidays organized is to have a list of all the big and little things, such as, cleaning, shopping, meal preps, activities, and decorating. A list not only ensures you don’t forget, but checking each item off the list gives you a feeling of achievement and that you have clarity in the holiday chaos. Next, add all items to your calendar so you don’t overlook anything. Guests arriving? Holiday music concert? Holiday work dinner? Add it to the calendar. Many families find an electronic calendar that can be shared with family members keeps everyone on the same page. An organized holiday is a Peace & Harmony holiday!
  2. Do a Deep Clean & Pre-Decor. Before bringing out all the holiday decorations, do a thorough pre-decor cleaning. It’s so much easier to clean before you pull out the holiday decorations and make getting ready to entertain all that much easier. If your home has already been deep cleaned, it shouldn’t take long to run the vacuum and dust off the furniture before guests arrive. Perform a quick home walk through and jot down all the rooms that need to be cleaned and what needs to be done specifically in each room. This is a great time to enlist the help of your family or to hire a cleaning or concierge service for a one-time cleaning. Got clutter? Now’s a great time to sort through the piles and move out anything preventing you from properly cleaning and organizing. This includes mail piles, counter clutter, kids’ toys, and clothes, decide which items to donate or toss.
  3. Meal Plan & Prep is a Must. Whether you’re hosting big holiday meals or events, doing holiday baking or having guests stay with you during the season, plan out all the meals you’ll be preparing. Don’t forget to count quick breakfasts, snacks, and lunches along with the main holiday meals. Add these meals to your main checklist and note the foods you’ll need to purchase (especially if there are allergies). Print off any recipes you’ll be using to have them at quick reach so you can cross-check the ingredients needed against your shopping list. Double-check your pantry and freezer to see what you already have so you don’t buy double. This is a great time to clean out, clean and organize your fridge and freezer to make room for incoming holiday foods.

Peace Harmony & Being Organized!

XO Cheryl


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Peace Harmony & Happy Shopping!

XO Cheryl

From Our Table To Yours

~Happy Thanksgiving~

From our home and heart to yours I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. I know it sounds clique but, you can always find something to be thankful for in your life. Thanksgiving Day is a good day to recommit our energies to giving thanks or just giving. May you have at the table people that love and respect you, plenty of food to feel thankful, and lots of laughter . . .

“The unthankful heart discovers no mercies; but let the thankful heart sweep through the day and, as the magnet finds the iron, so it will find, in every hour, some heavenly blessings!” – Henry Ward Beecher

Peace Harmony & Happy Givings!

XO Cheryl






cropped-getting-things-done-1.pngGiving You Some TLC ~ Talking Lifestyle Coach!

A woman meets with her Life Coach once a week – a wonderful coach. The woman sits for an hour going over all the verbiage she could have changed when talking about her teenage daughter telling her “I hate you Mom”. The woman then gets to the end of her session, she noticed her 2-page To-Do list sticking out of the top of her tote, she shows her life coach, The coach looks at it and offers great efficient advice in order for the woman to get the tasks done in a timely fashion. 

But . . . it’s time she lacks

A Lifestyle Coach would say to the woman, let me see your To-Do list, put projected complete dates on all tasks that are on your lists. and we’ll sit down and create a plan of attack – if you can’t get any of these tasks done by the dates shown then give them to me. I will have your tasks completed by the dates assigned. That’s how Lifestyle Coaching works.

When you sign up for the Lifestyle Coaching … with Cheryl we are working together, you will be learning how to create your own time management systems that work with your lifestyle. You will be creating a lifestyle with less stress, more peace and definitely more time to spend doing what makes you happy.

Peace & Harmony

XO Cheryl

I’m Not Going To Say “I’m Sorry” Today

I’m not going to say today:

I’m so sorry for your loss

I’m so sorry for the families that have suffered

I’m so sorry for the children

I am going to say today:

We need to get off our assess and do something . . . Now!

We need to advocate for OUR children, they’re all our children

We need to lobby our Congressman

We need to lobby our Senator and Representatives

We need to go to the Hill and scream WE ARE DONE WITH THIS!

I’m not going to tell another parent I am so sorry for your loss at school today.

Do what is right quote

Every single one of us that attended school, we should be pissed off at what is happening in our schools today, what is happening to our children, what’s happening to our communities. 

We cannot accept this as Normal . . . anymore

We must Act on Behalf of our children

As a former teacher, I remember going through the Lock-Downs and Live-Shooting drills being a stressful event in itself, for those moments you need to be in a different mindset – in defense, not thinking about your project that you were working on just before you heard the alarm. 

I taught Preschool a few years ago, I would look around in the students’ faces to make sure none were in any panic stage. We would huddle in the corner of the classroom, the room is dark and quiet, with just the ticking of the school clock. You must remain silent until your area is checked, waiting for the “check” was nerve-wracking not only for myself but for the older preschoolers that have been through the drills many times before.

If you want to get a little taste of what your child goes through in their daily school life, I feel the schools should have a parent’s night at the beginning of the school year. An event where it’s just the parents, they can get “just a taste” of the drills their children go through during the school year. Maybe, there are some schools that are already doing this, if that’s the case – WOO HOO! Parents need to have an understanding – maybe it will motivate action.

We need to do better than just watching the evening news – shaking our heads at the appalling event, talking to our friends family and coworkers about the disgusting situation. But, most of us leave it there. Well, we need to pick it up from here, go forward, educate ourselves on how to Advocate for our Children in this arena and hit the ground running . . . all the way to The Hill screaming, we’re done with this!

If anyone out there in the Southeastern Connecticut region wants to educate a community of keeping schools safe for Children Advocators – reach out to me @, let’s connect.

I would be interested in your thoughts on this matter and if you have any ideas on the Advocacy of School Safety for our children please post them – Let’s start a community.

Peace & Harmony

XO Cheryl

A Couple of Ways To Cut Clutter

Couple of Spaces

A cluttered home can simply drain you of energy; that much is pretty common knowledge. However, there are other hidden costs of clutter as well.

Clutter can drain your finances and schedule, too. That’s why it’s important to organize your home and workplace calendars along with the finances. Being informed about all monies coming out of or into your check, this way there is no surprises or crisis.

While you don’t need to have your cookbooks alphabetized or your shoes lined up according to the color (if I don’t it could be sleepless nights for me), it is important to have everything in its place and have that place be somewhere that has a purpose.

Peace Harmony & Getting Energized!

XO Cheryl