How Many Pieces In Your Wardrobe Capsule?

wardrobe capsule

Reduce Your Closet to 57 Pieces

It will transform the way you shop!

I had a client one time say to me “you have only 57 pieces of clothing?” I replied, “you bet”. She said I could never do that, it works for you but you don’t do what I do.

This particular client did a large amount of traveling, guest appearances, speaking engagements.  One time after she had returned home from her travels, I folded the clothes she always stacked on the dresser after a trip. The total number of pieces I folded for her was 25 pieces for a seven-day trip. So, she thinks she couldn’t do the Wardrobe Capsule 57 – Right!!!

I started my Wardrobe Capsule 57 in 1998. The idea for my closet reduction came when I was hired in 1997 to organize the home of a couple before they went off on a 3-week African Safari. I spend a year with the couple to get their home and work life organized. When they were 6 months out from going on the trip, I set up their backpacks that they would be living out of for three weeks in the jungle.

I gave them an assignment: they would have to live out of the backpacks . . . AND ONLY THE BACKPACKS for one week while they lived and worked in their natural environment. They could not cheat, I told them “if you cheat you’re really cheating yourself when you’re out in the jungle”.  Because they would not have the convenience of just going to the nearest store if they needed supplies or food. I explained to them that it was the only true assessment I could gather to know what was working and what was not working before they left on this safari.

They did awesomely! They became some sort of “celebrities” of their community. People knew that they were going on this adventure, and they knew about “the organizing lady” (that’s what people called me back then) giving them this assignment to carry out. There were a lot of lessons learned with this project, not only for the client by for moi as well.

The big lesson for me; learning that I can live with a Wardrobe Capsule of 57 pieces. Here’s is my Wardrobe Capsule 57:

My Wardrobe Capsule 57 (1)

A wardrobe capsule represents more time, more money, and more energy for the things in life that really matter – not your clothes. By shopping only once a season, you save money on senseless items that add up but drain your wallet.

Make your life better with this method!

Happy Closet Cleaning!

XO Cheryl


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