A new generation 2

Hey . . . Happy Friday!

Head over to my Pinterest page to find all sorts of information for home and business. Make sure you keep checking back, I’m always adding new pins daily.

Pinterest is the one place I need to use a time management tool – I set a timer when I go on this “DIY * Crack”. I have zero experience with crack, but I heard of people’s description of it and it’s the same freakin’ feeling I get when researching DIY, designs, sewing projects on Pinterest.

So . . . I set the timer to keep me focused on the items that I want to pin to my boards – if there is no plan you could go nuts, PINNING EVERYTHING! Stay focused, make it a purposeful activity.

Happy Pinning . . . .


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Referrals are an important part of my company’s success, and I want to recognize those who have referred my services. For any person you send my way that becomes a client, I will reward you with a free 3-hour package of a  choice of services.


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