NationalSiblingsDay 2019

My older brother Joey and younger brother John, we were at somebody’s wedding!

Joey and I were 10 and 12 years older than John. We lost John in 2016 when you lose a sibling it changes the landscape of your family like no other. I think of him every day, we miss him very much. My older and brother and I would always tease John when he was younger, telling him he will be taking care of his much older brother and sister.

Peace & Harmony ~ Cheryl

Show Your Clothes Some Love

I just want to know one thing. . . Does Marie get pissed off like I do when the piece of clothing doesn’t freakin’ stand up . . . I know I know it means I didn’t fold right. Okay, Let me get back to finding my joy! Enjoy the folding session.

Here’s to your Image result for two wine glasses clinking clothing standing tall!

Peace & Harmony ~ Cheryl


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