Happy Mothers Day!

Mom 1972

My friends and family that is reading this post right now – raise your hand if you ever got one of these looks from Ms. Bev ( A.K.A. My Mom) I am feeling the hands going up now!!

My mom – she’s hard describe.  She was the ‘rock’ of our family – we were a Navy Family that proudly served our part of the military – MOVING! Yes, we moved about every 2 years back forth from west coast to east coast don’t forget a couple of trips down south to Virginia and Mississippi. Ms. Bev was known as the  Warden (she carried all the keys) the keys to the deep chest freezer so us kids couldn’t eat her out of “house and home” I would on my ‘smart ass day’s’ say “it’s it the same thing?” – not a smart move on my part!The connector for the cable box, keys to Big John’s Volkswagen Bug – that’s okay my older brother Joey made an extra key for our Sunday Drives! Key to the closet in the hallway (all her Avon products) my friends and I would have a little make-up parties when she was at work.

She was the funniest person – next to her best friend Dee, that I knew and I still know! Gosh, I miss the belly and side laughs that hurt so much – those two bitches (I say that with the utmost respect) could turn everyday happenings into a skit, act it out when they told the story, and it would almost always be a moment nobody could forget. My mom was unforgettable! Of course there were times when forgetting she was my mom was a Prayer! Like, when she would come to the High School to make sure I was sitting in class and not skipping for the day – With the lady from the office trying to catch-up with Ms. Bev saying “Ms. Gordon, you did not sign in to visit your daughters class” and she replied with “You assholes didn’t know where she was all day yesterday!” “So I will check the class myself”. Those were the echoes I could hear from the hallway, and would want to die right there in my chair! Suddenly, there she was in the doorway, and her attire consisting of Slippers, Curlers in her hair –  pointing at me and saying “how you doing Baby-girl?” “Just making sure you’re ass is in class!”

The office lady waiting for her in the hallway – my mother saying to her down the hallway “do you bother everyone like you’re bothering me?, I pay taxes in this town, I can see my children anytime I want without signing that damn clipboard of yours!” Then, my friends would be at my classroom door saying – you’re mom is hilarious, did you hear what she said to the secretary? I am sitting there wanting to die of embarrassment, but at the same time laughing my ass off inside. She was one of the smartest people I knew – when I got home she talked to me about be honest, she would explain to me the reason she came to the school to check on me was because I lied to her the day before – I would have to earn her trust again. I learned in those early years that she was hard on me because for some odd reason I always took the hard road …. But Never twice!

One this Mother’s Day – My prayer is that however you think of your Mom – remember we are only together with them for a short period of our lives – Make them count! My mom was crazy, funny, demanding, hard worker, giving, sharing, caring person, that to this day is unforgettable! My honor is when someone says to me “You’re just like your Mom!”

Happy Mothers Day to all you crazy Bitches out there!

Peace & Harmony


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