WTH..k! Back to School…..Already

Are you Ready? If not…..

I have organizing tips courtesy of a former Preschool Teacher Assistant ……Me!

I worked as a Preschool Teacher Assistant for seven years with the public school, one protocol that was consistent – we sent home a LOT OF PAPERWORK! Not only from our own program, but from the school district. If I had one “pet peeve”, it was when a parent would come into the classroom complaining that their child missed a school event or function because they were not notified. I would listen to their concerns and complaints – then ask them “Did you see the notices in ______ backpack?” and they would reply, they seen NO notice! After the parent left the classroom, I would check the child’s backpack and find papers in the folder from months ago!


I had the priviledge of working in the same school district for years, I would see that same child in an older grade – their teacher asking me “how do you get _____ parents to look and respond to notices that were sent home?” I would just SMH! In this case, when they are older students, it could be a “praise note” you are missing, a deadline to a program that would benefit your child, a grant that meets a deadline and you do not want your child to miss that once in a lifetime opportunity because your child followed the example you set of not being organized!

I say it all the time “children are cameras on a tripod” you can talk to them all day, but they are recording your every move – make sure they are getting good, useful footage!

Here are my Teacher Tips:

Transition Time ~ Don’t let the school year sneak up on you – When you are scheduling your end of the summer events, take a couple of extra days to get your house in order for the school year ahead.

school is starting



Bedtime bump-up! ~ Beginning in early August, move up your children’s bedtime by 15 minutes a night until you meet their school bedtime, and wake them up earlier.

bump up time

Family Command Center ~ Find an area in your home, maybe clean out a coat closet or your mudroom, to create a space for the kids (not you) to store backpacks, jackets, sports, music equipment and other back-to-school gear. Hang a family calendar in this area, so that everyone knows what is going on in the household.


entryway mudroom          family command center 2

Streamline The Paperwork ~ Create a system to streamline your child’s important papers as well as artwork. During holiday breaks, go through the folders with your children and keep what’s necessary. At the end of the year, put the files in a keepsake box with room for the upcoming years. A extra little tip for the younger ones: ask your child’s teacher how the students take care of their paperwork at school and streamline that process at home – believe me they love taking ownership of their own belongings!

storage tote for papers                       To Be Signed

School/Work Stations ~ Take inventory of last year’s school supplies to see what can be used for the upcoming school year. Recycle old notebooks, keep any unused notebook pages to use as scratch paper. Then new and old supplies are kept in a storage space/area near where the children will do their homework.

Art Station         DIY-school-supply-carousel-lazy-susan

Let’s be In-sync! ~ Use today’s technology to your advantage. Input all important dates, sporting events, school functions and club meetings onto a compatible calendar, and sync your phone and computers so everyone can see the same schedule. Extra tip: create a digital photo album for each child!

google calendar         ical image           icloud image

Help Wanted – Apply Within! ~ Encourage responsibility into the weekend by making chores fun! When your children are at school, they have responsibilities – keep it going at home, it will make your life easier too! Follow Envision-Designs on pinterest imagefor ideas to incorporate a chores system at home and to put routines in place.

I Love Uniforms! ~ When it comes to school systems, I do love uniforms and truthfully …..shhhhh So do the children! But, if your children do not wear uniforms to school, get into the habit of you and your child picking out an outfit the night before. My mother had my brothers and I doing this every school year, you save yourself from the chaos in the mornings.

picking out outfits

Let’s make 2016/2017 The Best School Year for your child and you!

Peace & Harmony, Cheryl

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