Am I the only one in love with Loft Living?

My love affair with Loft-Living started the first time I seen the movie Flashdance in the 1980s – the scene when she comes home to her pitbull and rolls her bike into her loft … I was hooked!

Flashdance loft scene

There are some special characteristics you will see in Loft-Living:

  • High ceiling – set at 12 feet, under that it’s just a condo with high ceilings
  • Exposed piping, duct work, structural elements – concrete, steel
  • Large expansive windows and lots of light – often from floor to ceiling
  • Minimal uses of interior walls to define space & doors to close off areas
  • Outdoor spaces – often with roof top gardens or decks
  • Transition space, living and work space, blurring the lines between workplace and residence
  • Modern finishes using concrete, metal, stone, brick, wood used freely alongside drywall, ceramic tile and vinyl & other materials available

Here is a collection of Loft-Living images that I have been collecting:

This week there was a ground-breaking for The Lofts at Ponemah Mill in Taftville, CT – We will all benefit from this project, especially the village of Taftville, it will be a rebirth that will be seen as a ‘true gem’ of Connecticut.


Every day I go by this building, I see some architectural detail I had not seen before in the 27 years I have been living in the area. I have sat across the street in the parking lot, either waiting for my nieces to get out of dance class at Luis Pabon Dance School or taking my lunch break from working at Wequonnoc Elementary School in the village. The dreams and ideas I had about this building I must say, was not too far off the mark in what is planned on being built here. I am so excited to see this beautiful building have life again!

Peace & Harmony, Cheryl

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