How To Clean The Right Way

seashells in basket livingroom

I am going to share a secret with you…..

I cleaned homes for 16 years in my former business – Cheryl’s Interiors & More. I was blessed to have great clients, residential and commercial. I had the same PLAN for every home and small office I walked into…..Ready? Here’s the secret plan:

I cleaned the rooms – Top to Bottom (t-b) and then Left to Right (l-r), that’s it – that would be my PLAN every time entered a home. I started high dusting/cleaning (top) – left to right of the room, then low dusting/cleaning (bottom) – left to right of the room. I worked myself right to the entry door, did a walk-through to make sure windows were closed, things were picked up, everything looked tidy and clean. I would go outside for a breather – walk back in to get a good sniff of the cleanness …..I was addicted to that smell!

This PLAN worked for homes under 1000 sq ft to homes over 5ooo sq ft – this PLAN also worked for the small offices I cleaned. Once you get the hang of this PLAN, you will not be spending your whole weekend cleaning your home!

Keep me posted, to let me know how this PLAN works for you!

Peace & Harmony ~ Cheryl

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