Having a Home with Purpose takes Action!

Its not the size of the home  Envision-Designs

The reasons you should choose Envision-Designs for your Organize.Redesign.Stage. services is many and different for everyone. Here is a fact, when you choose Envision-Designs you get over 25 years of experiences with declutter, purging, sorting and organization throughout your home or just starting with a corner of the house or office – then we use what you have to redesign your space. I have been a Professional Organizer since 1990, it started as a side service I offered to my Home/Office cleaning customers, but quickly realized a passion I have for helping people with various circumstances; such as Depression, Hoarding, Trauma & Loss in their lives. I have helped a diverse group of clients, feel freedom ~ less stress and finally able to enjoy their homes with the guidance and coaching that is provided. We bring motivation, strategic planning, simple organizational systems, with the ability to see the end result in all areas of the home.

Please call 860.961.6824 or email Cheryl at envisionsdesigns@gmail.com for a consultation. Visit us at http://www.envision-designs.com for services & prices.

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