Does your Home fashion the Trends of 2015?

I have been gathering information about the Home Trends that I have seen in magazines, pinterest, online decor & home websites and blogs. Here is the list of Home Trends of 2015 I have created in the last few months. If you can think of an item or items that are not included on the  list – please add them in the comments.

Here is my list:

1. Burlap – I have seen gorgeous appliques on burlap….I know Burlap – Who Knew!

burlap panel with tieback

burlap swag

2. Open-Shelving in Kitchen – Still trying to talk my Husband into this idea!

open shelves

open shelf 2

3. Cowhide – Great for texture and patterns. Not my favorite, but hides are big!

cowhide pillow 2

cowhide ottoman

4. Black & White – Everybody loves it, but no one wants to live with it very long, that’s when you add a burst of color!

black and white

black and white 2

5. Mason Jars – I am seeing them all over! From Rustic settings to Upscale Salons and Spas.

mason jar vases

mason jar 2

6. Radiant Orchid – What a peaceful and calming effect in a Color!

radiant orchid

radiant orchid 2

7. Brass – It’s back, I like the Softer Finish of today  vs. The finishes of the past!

Brass 1

brass 2

brass cleaner This is the product I used for 18 years as a House cleaner, works great!

8. Wood grain walls – not paneling, a little trendy, but we are seeing it again. Great tools out there to paint same effect!

wood grain walls 1

wood grain wall 2

9. Vintage Decor – It’s all about the mix, people love mixing the Highs & Lows to create a Vibe in the Home…..Me Too!

vintage decor 1

vintage decor 2

10. Outdoor Rooms – Great way to add square footage to your home, and depending on where you live a 3-4 season room!

outdoor room 2

outdoor rooms 1

Remember if you have any Home Trends you can think of, please add them in the comments.

Happy Wednesday!


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