Trends you need to know before selling your home


Since the time when I was a young girl of about twelve or thirteen years of age, I would accompany my Mother to Open Houses in the San Diego area on Saturday mornings. My mom would have the newspaper at the breakfast table, marking all the open houses we were going to visit later that day, I would grab the town map and pencil~in all the addresses and off we went. It was fun pretending for a day – that you had money and a normal life ~ that’s another blog! Lessons learned from those open houses in the 1970’s, staged homes do sell and they sell at a higher profit! The trend is continuing today, there are a lot of homes for sale and if the traditional seller wants to compete they must have their home staged to have any chance to sell it at a greater profit in today’s market.

Trends of Home Staging in 2015:

1. Home sellers are staging their homes – there is fierce competition with short sales, bank-owned homes and traditional sellers. We are now seeing short sales and bank-owned homes being staged.

2. Home Stager and real estate professionals are teaming up more and more to give superior customer service to the seller.

3. The real estate agent that makes Home Staging part of their marketing plan will lead the market and obtain more listings.

4. Real Estate Mantra : Staging, Staging, Staging ~ has replaced ~ Location, Location, Location

It’s about presenting a home to a potential buyer, where the buyer feels the comfort, see the beauty throughout the home.

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