New Organizing Packages


This is the time of year that everyone is thinking PACKAGES ~ well isn’t it time you give yourself a package?

Envision-Designs is offering “Pre-Staging” Packages for home owners that are looking to put their house on the market in the Spring of 2015. What a great way to get through the dreary & grey winter days in New England, then by getting your house organized, clean, redesigned and ready to stage for the Spring!

A Package consists of a Min/Max of 4 Hour Organizing Sessions –

12 Hour Session: 3 sessions x 4 hours ~ 12 hour package = $660

20 Hour Session: 5 sessions x 4 hours ~ 20 hour package = $1,100

40 Hour Session: 10 sessions x 4 hours ~ 40 hour package = $2,200

          * The number of sessions are adjustable to your schedule*

How the assessment session works:

1. Initial assessment/observation of space (takes 1-1 1/2 hours) $100

2. Set ‘zones’ and time frames for each room

3. Discuss/observe specific problems

4. Talk tips & techniques for rooms

5. Create a plan with the client.

                    ( $100 discount applies when packages are paid in full at time of assessment session )

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